Vanessa and John’s Wedding at Scotland Run Golf Club

Event Date: November 10, 2019

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Congratulations to Vanessa and John on their wedding! November 10th will always be a special day for these two. They celebrated their wedding at the Scotland Run Golf Club. Be sure to check out their beautiful Scotland Run Golf Club wedding photos below!

Love was in the air as Vanessa and John celebrated their wedding. To start the day, they began with preparations. Of course, they had to look their best for their big day! John and his son, Luke, put on their black suits. Afterwards, groomsmen ensured that John looked great and sent him on his way to reunite with Vanessa.  Meanwhile, the bridesmaids were helping Vanessa put on her beautiful dress. Finally, John, Luke, and Vanessa all reunite in the corridor for some final words of encouragement and a few more pictures to capture all their memories. 

Now, it was time to kick off the ceremony! They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony. All the groomsmen and John walked down the aisle, then the bridesmaids, and finally Vanessa, who was escorted down the aisle. Everyone stood and watched in awe as she slowly walked down the aisle, smiling ear to ear. She joins John and they exchanged vows and sealed the deal with a kiss! They were now officially husband and wife! They walked down the aisle together, hand and hand, ready to celebrate. Time to party! Vanessa and John entered the room and shared their first dance while everyone gathered around to watch them danced. Afterwards, they were welcomed with a toast from family and friends. Then, everyone enjoyed some tasty donuts and danced the night away in celebration of their wedding.

Once again, congratulations to Vanessa and John! We loved celebrating with you and we wish you all the best on your journey together. Check out the talented photographers behind the Scotland Run Golf Club wedding photos.

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