Zarna and Rashmin’s Wedding at Deewan Banquet

Event Date: May 19, 2019

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Congratulations to Zarna and Rashmin on their wedding at the Deewan Banquet! Their wedding was captured on a perfect spring day by the best of weddingwire NJ wedding photographers.

First, both parties got prepared for the exciting day. Zarna looked amazing with an intricate necklace and wristbands with eye-popping colors. Meanwhile, Rashmin dressed in a light cream outfit and contrasting pink scarf and head piece. Next, our best of weddingwire NJ wedding photographers captured portraits outside of Rashmin’s friends and family. Everyone had big smiles all around as the couple got ready for their first look! Zarna looked amazing in her outfit with her gorgeous henna tattoos as Rashmin turned around to see her. The two then leaned in for a kiss.

Next, was the baraat. Rashmin rode a horse that was dressed in bright red clothes. People were dancing in a circle doing the most incredible dances. Meanwhile, Zarna watched in the distance as Rashmin made his way to her. Afterwards, it was time for the final ceremonies before the couple got married. Everyone looked so happy and eager as the ceremonies took place as the finally became married. 

Finally, it was time for reception! The two both had wardrobe changes as Zarna wore an elegant light gray dress. Meanwhile, Rashmin was dressed in a classic black tux. The newlyweds were full of joy and laughter as the night continued. The dance floor was as they say “off the hook”! Absolutely everyone was dancing as they were having the time of their lives in celebration of the two lovers. The best of weddingwire NJ wedding photographers expertly documented the emotions of friends and family throughout the night. 

Again, congratulations to Zarna and Rashmin. Overall, thank you for letting us be part of your special day!

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