*Queue the happy tears and surprises* What does it mean to have a “first look” at your wedding, anyway? The term is defined just as it sounds like – the couple’s first time seeing each other before officially tying the knot! These picture-perfect sessions are becoming more and more popular as couples want those extra photos and raw emotions captured. However, there are downsides to everything here! The decision to do a first look is entirely your call and depends on your personalities and traditions.

If you are torn about whether or not to have one, consider these pros and cons to help you reach a final decision!

Pro: Pre-ceremony Privacy

Intimate one-on-one time alone before the craziness begins sounds pretty good, right?! Think about it – once you two are officially married, all of your guests are going to want to steal you away to congratulate you. Embrace in the magic of your first look session time together as it will be one of the few times all day you will get to spend truly alone!

Con: The whole “bad luck” thing

Wait… isn’t the groom supposed to wait until the ceremony to see his bride? The age-old marriage traditions tell us that it’s bad luck for the groom to see his girl all dressed up in her wedding whites before the ceremony. If you and your family are totally not up for breaking traditions, then a first look session may not be worth doing.

Pro: Cure those pre-wedding jitters

Take a deep breath, girl, the love of your life is right here! Keep each other calm and prepare yourselves for the fun-filled wedding festivities ahead of you both.

Con: But prepare for possibly less emotion at the ceremony

Of course, there’s nothing as emotional and meaningful as the first glance you get at your significant other. Keep this in mind when making your decision if you feel that those initial “sparks” will be lost once its ceremony time.

Pro: Hello, candid photo opps!

Let’s be real, we all LOVE candid shots! A first look is the perfect opportunity for these adorable impromptu captures. Get the most out of your creative photography (and our NJ Wedding Photographers!).

Con: Touching up that makeup

Did you remember to pack tissues and touch-up makeup in that emergency kit? Just be sure to allow time to re-apply if needed. At least you’ll be getting most of the waterworks out prior to the ceremony!

Pro: Extra photos of the two of you

Even more photos of you two cuties to fill up your wedding album and share on social media? Not a bad problem to have!

Con: But less time for portraits with others

Depending on how much time it takes for the first look session, it could potentially take away from more pictures you wanted to take with everyone else. Factor this into your timeline and see what kinds of photos you want to dedicate the most time to.