Additions To Your Special Day – Special Enhancements

“Alex, we want to thank you and your DJs for doing a spectacular job at my daughter’s Sweet 16. The ‘ZAP’ Photography is a must for any Super Sweet 16…and we loved the pictures we received at the end of the night.”

~Donna Witkowski, Bayville, NJ

Add Some Flavor

Spice-Up your event with a party extra! Party extras can enhance any party experience. We at Enchanted Celebrations are the industry experts in personalizing your entertainment for your event. One way to do that is to add a party extra that will give your event a unique feel.


Imagine your life flashed in front of your eyes. Sounds scary? It shouldn’t be. What we do is we ask you to give us 40 pictures of various stages of your life and a favorite song. We then produce a photo slideshow and display it on a huge projector screen at your event. This slideshow is so impressive because we coordinate all of the pictures to the beat of the music. Along with this package we allow unlimited proofs so you can approve the slideshow before the event. We also burn you a DVD copy so you can watch it over and over again.

‘ZAP’ Photography

This is an Enchanted favorite; we bring in a huge projector screen and a candid photographer. Through the course of the night, the photographer takes random pictures of you and your guests. However, as soon as they take the picture they ‘ZAP’ it up to a huge projector screen so all of your guests can see it. If the photographer is not taking pictures at that moment, all of the pictures that were already taken are placed on a loop. At the end of the night we burn you a photo CD of all of the pictures taken.

Personalized Monograms

A great addition to enhance the atmosphere of any wedding reception is to have your personalized projected monogram on the dance floor. Wedding gobos are one of the newest trends that are being used to customize weddings all over NJ. All of our projected monograms are fully customizable to size, font, color, graphics, and text. We also include a PDF proof before the monogram is put into production for no additional charge. At Enchanted Celebrations, our custom wedding monograms only take about 2 weeks to produce.

Ambient Lighting

At Enchanted Celebrations, we take the party atmosphere very seriously and that is why we absolutely love our uplighting system. You pick two primary theme colors, turn off the house lights, and transform your banquet hall into a sea of color. The way this transformation works is we place lights on the ground around the entire room so the colored lights are reflected up the walls and on the ceiling to create the ultimate party atmosphere. These same lights can be timed with the beat of the music so you and your guests are no longer watching a lightshow; you have stepped inside of one. Uplighting can also be used as a backdrop if you have a long head table at your wedding reception.

Check Out The Ambient Lighting Gallery

Personalized CD Favors

Choose 15 of your favorite songs and we will burn them onto a CD and directly print your picture on top.
Available in Glossy or Matted Finish.

Party Giveaways

Party giveaways such as hats, leis, and maracas are great for getting all of your guests to let loose on the dance floor and have a good time while doing it! Most of our DJ packages do include a great mix of giveaways for the amount of guests that you are planning to have. Party giveaways are a huge hit at children’s parties as well as any adult party.

Light Shows

Need that club-like feel for your Super Sweet 16 or wedding? Well then we’ve got the ‘High Tech’ lightshow for you! While every DJ Party package does include a lightshow, if you’re looking for something more intense, we can do that too. All of our lightshows are customizable based on your preference of height, color scheme, and desired effect.

Fog Machine

Want to make a dramatic entrance? How does being introduced through a cloud of fog sound? At Enchanted Celebrations we use just enough low lying fog to cover the dance floor to give the effect of walking on top of clouds.

Glow Necklaces

Plan to have the lights down? That’s OK because our DJs will keep the energy up! One excellent way to enhance your super sweet 16 is to use glow necklaces. You can actually choose from a variety of colors to coincide with your theme colors. It’s a blast to watch all of the fun and excitement in your guests while they dance with this fun party extra.