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Congratulations, Gina and Juan, on your recent marriage! On November 1st, 2019, this beautiful couple took the bold step into marriage. At their wedding, our very best wedding entertainment in NJ set the mood just right!

First, Gina and Juan each spent their morning preparing for their wedding events to begin. Gina got all done up with her bridesmaids. Meanwhile, Juan fooled around, getting ready with his groomsmen. Gina had not just one “something blue”, but five, as each of her bridesmaids wore blue robes before slipping on their gowns. Her friends and family were all she needed on her wedding day. Finally, Gina and Juan have transformed into a bride and groom and were ready to walk down the aisle!

At the ceremony, Gina and Juan each held a candle. They were to join their two flames into one, becoming brighter and stronger. They both bring their own elements of power and wisdom to their relationship. On this day, they will no longer be independent, but joint by the partnership of marriage. They will utilize this flame as a testament of their marriage, they will use this flame to warm them, light  them in the dark, and to guide their path.

After being announced Mr. and Mrs. for the first time, it was time to go to the reception to celebrate. At their reception, our best wedding entertainment in NJ continued to set the stage for fun! The DJ filled the room with high energy that stimulated the guests to get up and dance!

Again, congratulations, Gina and Juan, on getting married! Thank you, Gina and Juan, for inviting us to be a part of your journey of joining together in marriage! We’d like to thank our best wedding entertainment in NJ for making this night so amazing and one to remember always!