Let’s raise our glasses to Haley and Eric on their wedding day! These two tied the knot on March 26th at the Hamilton Manor. They can now reminisce on their day thanks to their Hamilton Manor wedding videos!

First, their day started with both Haley and Eric getting ready for their big day. Haley was wearing a gorgeous white gown and had her hair in a low bun to show off that open back look on her dress. Of course, Eric looked very dapper in his navy suit too. After they were each ready, they met up for an intimate first look. If you watch their Hamilton Manor wedding videos, you can see it for yourself!

Next, it was time for their ceremony. Haley gracefully walked down the aisle towards Eric before exchanging their heartwarming vows. Their vows were so sweet, we can’t stop replaying them in their Hamilton Manor wedding videos. After their vows, they sealed the deal with a kiss before heading out to their reception. But first, the photographers needed to snap some great portraits of them!

After they took some photos, it was time for their reception to really celebrate their day. The new Mr. and Mrs. made their entrance in before going into their sweet first dance. Eric and Haley couldn’t help but share a few dances with their adorable kiddos. Next, they were toasted to by their loved ones; some of them even rapped for them. How cool! Next, they cut into their delicious looking cake and continued their night. Finally, they all ended up back out on the dancefloor celebrating their new future together!

Congratulations again to Haley and Eric on their wedding day! Our videographers were so happy they could capture those Hamilton Manor wedding videos for you to have forever! Cheers!