Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms

About Hitched At Turkey Farms

Located in Millville, NJ, Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms makes for the ultimate rustic wedding venue. This very special venue offers a beautiful landscape and an amazing barn reception venue. In 2015, Carmine, the father of Miranda and Nicole, decided to build a barn for Miranda’s wedding. Miranda’s wedding took place a year later, and afterward, the family decided to start a business. This 40-acre venue is a tremendous choice of a wedding venue where couples can host their friends and family to gather for such a memorable day. Serving the Southern New Jersey area, Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms is an exceptional place to host your fantasy rustic wedding. Not to mention, their staff is super friendly and accommodating from the moment you reach out to the end of your wedding night and so on! You won’t be disappointed there. 

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms wants to make sure the day is completely yours. They plan to fit your unique needs and desires. In doing so, they offer various services to ensure things go well on top of couples’ own planning. They offer a get-ready room, one hour indoor or outdoor ceremony and four-hour reception rental, chairs and tables, tables for gifts, desserts, and more, parking attendants, exclusive use of the farm, white linens, and a bathroom rental. Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms goes all out for all their fabulous customers!

No matter the time of year, Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms is prepared to serve your wedding venue needs. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, your wedding will be nothing short of amazing. Hot summer days or cold wintery nights, this venue is the perfect place. Not only does it offer a stunning place for all of your photography and videography needs, but it will serve as something you won’t ever forget! We are so happy to be working closely with such an incredible venue. We have seen some spectacular weddings take place here! We’d love for you to be next!

Decorate How You Want

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms allows you to be the creator of all your wedding decoration wants and needs. If you found the perfect style or theme for your wedding, this venue can make it happen. If you want to complete the rustic vibes that the venue already gives off, go for it! If you want something more modern and simplistic, you got it! There are so many themes and styles you can pick from to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams. Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms is the perfect venue to work with in regards to decoration themes and styles. A big, open barn can fulfill any fantasy! Check out our Dark and Moody Wedding Photos, Classic and Traditional Wedding Photos, Creative and Dramatic Wedding Photos, and Light and Airy Wedding Photos to see which route you want to take for your wedding! Any of these would work spectacularly at Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms. 

Intimate or Large

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms

With 40 acres worth of land and the most amazing scenic views, Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms is suitable for any size gathering. The incredible space allows you to have a big wedding with all of your friends and family, distant and close! Trust me, there’s room for everyone! With the maximum capacity limit being a whopping 150 guests, you can be sure to invite everyone you wish to be there for your special day. You can have your ceremony outside to enjoy the jaw-dropping views and then head over to the barn for a fun-filled reception to celebrate saying your “I do’s!”

Not looking for a big, crazy wedding? That’s perfect too! You can have the intimate wedding you hoped for all at this amazing venue. The rustic style of Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms might just be the perfect option for achieving your dream wedding. Invite the ones who care the most to take part in celebrating a very special day for you and your significant other. With the option totally up to you, this venue will support everything you want and need to get the wedding you’ve always talked about. Even though you are having an intimate, small gathering for your wedding, you can pick exactly where you want it all to happen within the 40 acres of land Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms offers! It’ll be the most memorable day of your life!

Springtime at Hitched At Turkey Farms

Spring comes with flowers blooming, beautiful scenery, and happy people. It’s one of the most popular times of the year to get married, and we see why! Who doesn’t love a stunning spring wedding? At Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms, there is so much spacious land to capture all of your photography and videography wedding dreams. Tractors, old run-down trucks, and a breathtaking barn all make for the perfect rustic wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous spring weddings we’ve done at Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms!

First, we can’t leave Kristin and David’s wedding unnoticed! This gorgeous couple held one spectacular wedding at this venue! The videography turned out to be so special and unique, but perfect in every way. We are so happy we were able to capture every moment of this memorable day for Kristin and David. Kristin looked undeniably beautiful in her floor-length white dress. You should’ve seen the two of them posing in front of the old wooden tractor! Their love for each other is something so special and apparent! We saw the love, smiles, and laughter shared amongst everyone who came to support this lovely couple. What a day to remember! 

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms

Then, we have Christina and Andrew’s amazing wedding held at Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms. These two lovebirds got married there in May of 2021, such a beautiful time of year to say your “I do’s!” Christina could not have looked any more stunning in her fascinating white wedding dress. Andrew wore his Marine Corps uniform which allowed for such incredible photos and a gorgeous video. Between Christina and Andrew’s obvious romantic love for each other and the gorgeous backdrop that comes with the Spring season, this wedding could not have been any better. We are so happy our wedding videographers were able to capture this very special day through videography for this couple.

 No one can deny that a wedding during the Spring time is absolutely breathtaking, with all the flowers blooming and the trees getting their green colorful leaves back. Most couples want to enjoy the uniqueness and scenery that the outdoors brings them. Did we convince you to have a Spring wedding at Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms yet? No? Then let’s talk about Fall weddings at this lovely venue!

Fall-ing in Love

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms

In the season of Fall, we all experience the wonderful outdoors in an unimaginable way. The crisp leaves fall to the ground in the colors red, brown, yellow, and orange, making for the perfect scenic views. We can’t forget about the fantastic weather that comes with it as well. New Jersey is especially known for its amazing Fall season. All of the incredible characteristics of this season make for the best wedding day for so many lovely couples. Specifically, Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms does a beautiful job in showing the true beauty of Fall. With 40 acres worth of land and views, you can’t get better than this.

First, we have to mention Ashley and Kyle’s stunning engagement photos that took place at this venue. This couple sure knew how to pose for the best photos and embrace the season! Both of them dressed in red flannel shirts and boots, along with their son who also dressed in an adorable flannel. Without a doubt, the cutest family ever. In the near behind, you can see the extravagant yellow autumn trees peeking through into the photos, making for the most amazing backdrop. Ashley and Kyle were so happy to get married, especially at an excellent venue like Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms. Our South Jersey wedding photographers couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of this day.

Want to See More?

Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms and us at Enchanted Celebrations certainly make a dream team providing the ultimate wedding venue and amazing photography and videography. We can’t wait to continue working closely with this incredible venue to see more lovely couples get married and start their forever together! There truly is nothing else like it! Our South Jersey Wedding Photographers and wedding videographers did such an amazing job capturing these weddings, all thanks to the delightful staff over at Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms. Everyone is so kind and welcoming to everyone who goes there.

Be sure to check out Hitched at Turkey Trac Farms website for more information on how to book your wedding there! And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us, Enchanted Celebrations, for more information on all of the best services we offer to make your wedding even more memorable!