Brides everywhere are accessorizing! Shoes, lingerie, handbags, jewelry, and headpieces are the main accessories you will see brides walking down the isle with. Brides travel all around to find the best accessories that are trendy and unique in the boutiques for their  North Jersey wedding.

Shoes are the biggest accessory for a bride to choose wisely. Brides should take in account the size of the heel and how tall her groom is because the bride certainly does not want to be taller than her groom! Fashion mishap! The shoes should also be comfortable and easy to walk down the aisle in. A bride would not want to fall and embarrass herself in front of the whole church.

Jewelry is the second biggest accessory for your North Jersey wedding. Brides stroll down the aisle with elegant earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Not every bride needs to have all three pieces of jewelry because it depends on the style of the dress. Some brides like the bling, while others are more laid back with small pieces of jewelry.

Headpieces such as pins, clips, and headbands are a perfect touch for the beautiful, elegant hair styles.

Lingerie is a hidden accessory that brides wear under the elegant dress to make them look extra perfect. Corsets to suck them in and bras to push them up!

Accessorizing is a great way to add unique touches to a brides special day! It is important as a bride to know that your North Jersey wedding should be different and customized to you as a couple!

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