Many brides look back on their wedding and while most of the memories are those of joy and happiness there a few things that most brides wish they had done differently or stressed over less.  To help future brides avoid making these mistakes we have listed one of those major mistakes and how brides can avoid having it happen on their special day.

Tip # 1: Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to your bridal party.

Everybody knows that Jersey girls have lots of friends!!  So the question becomes, where do you draw the line for your bridal party?  You don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but at the same time you’re working with a budget!

Rule # 1: Look at your budget first.  Determine how many people you can afford to have in your wedding party before choosing who to actually put in it.

Rule # 2: It’s important for both you and your groom to think about each others family.  Even if you’re not that close to your soon to be husbands sister, it may be important to him to include her in the bridal party.

Rule # 3:  Resist the urge to just blurt out “will you be in my bridal party!?”.  Your friend will more hurt if you have to take away her role as bridesmaid than she will be if you never asked her in the first place.

Rule # 4:  Just because you were in somebodies bridal party does not mean that they have to be in yours!

So the next time the thought of picking bridesmaids drives you crazy just turn back to these tips! A wedding should not be stressful, so don’t let it be!

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