Congratulations to Caitlin and AJ on their recent wedding! On June 3rd, 2022, these lovebirds got married at The Barn at Stoneybrooke in Atglen, PA. Our team of PA wedding videographers captured every lovely emotion of the long-awaited day.

Caitlin looked beautiful. She wore a long white dress with a bare back and a dreamy veil. Her bridesmaids helped her get ready, taking the opportunity to take fun photos with her. In the other room was AJ, who in his elegant gray suit, was having fun playing pool with his groomsmen.

Once they were ready, the bride and groom were eager to see each other, but first, they both were standing on each side of a door and, holding hands, they read the letters they had written to each other. Our PA wedding videographers captured the moment when tears of happiness began to flow. There is no doubt that these two are made for each other.

Then, it was time to tie the knot. After sharing their vows of love, Caitlin and AJ were declared husband and wife, sealing the deal with a movie kiss. All the guests applauded and celebrated being part of this magical moment.

It was a beautiful day, therefore, these lovebirds had to take advantage of the amazing place to take romantic photos that will last forever. Of course, our PA wedding videographers were there to capture every laugh and loving look Caitlin and AJ exchanged with each other.

Finally, it was time to celebrate. The reception began with the couple’s first dance, and then family and friends joined the party. It was a very fun night, full of dance steps, amazing food, and a delicious cake that the bride and groom shared.

Congratulations once again to Caitlin and AJ! We wish you both a life full of happiness!