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Congrats, Jamie and Ethan, on your amazing wedding! Jamie and Ethan celebrated their day at the Hamilton Manor in Hamilton, NJ. It was February 1st, when they tied the knot! Their spectacular day was captured by our videography team. You can check out their video in our Hamilton Manor Wedding Videos!

Through their video highlights of Hamilton Manor Wedding Videos, we get to experience some of the work and details that made this the magical day that it was. First, Jamie got her makeup perfected. Next, the couple met at the ceremony, shared their vows, and Ethan stomped on glass inside a cloth bag. As the tradition holds, it is said that it demonstrates that marriage holds both sorrow and joy. It is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another even in hard times. Soon after, the guests all cheered with them as they made an exit down the aisle.

Next, Jamie and Ethan, stepped out, making a grand entrance into the reception. The couple shared beautiful dances with their parents. Then their siblings each gave speeches on behalf of the bride and groom, expressing their love for them. Wrapping up the speeches, Jamie’s father gave some advice to the bride and groom. In sum, he said to “do what you want, live life, but at the end of the day love each other, trust each other, and live a long and healthy life together”. What better advice could newlyweds be given? For the rest of the night, the couple danced and sang along with their guests.

Once more, congratulations, Jamie and Ethan, on your amazing wedding! We hope you both enjoy your video contribution to Hamilton Manor Wedding Videos! Thank you, Jamie and Ethan for inviting our team to be a part of your magical wedding!