Trending Wedding Photos in NJ

Congratulations to Jennifer and Forrest on their wedding! In addition, their wedding has been published to Here Comes the Guide! It features all their trending wedding photos in NJ!

First, Here Comes the Guide is a one stop shop for all your wedding needs! They are a tight knit group of  women who help couples plan their perfect wedding. Here Comes the Guide was started by a desperate newly engaged woman who just needed some help. It now provides articles and resources for all the wedding planning tips and ideas you may need! They also published one of our own weddings on April 7th! It talks all about the awesome food truck Jennifer and Forrest used at their wedding. 

Jennifer and Forrest got married back in August at a private residence. First, the day began with both the bride and groom getting ready for their big day! They got some beautiful trending wedding photos in NJ taken before heading to meet up at the altar. Next, they said “I do!” and sealed the deal off with a kiss before starting their future together.

Next, it was time to celebrate with friends and family at the reception. You may be asking yourself, what makes this wedding stand out? The answer is FOOD TRUCKS! That’s right, this couple had an amazing food truck cater their sweet wedding. This couple had a delightful polish food truck that was filled with perogies and kielbasa! Yum! Next, our photographers snapped trending wedding photos in NJ of the food truck, it made our mouths water! Finally, their day ended enjoying those delicious perogies! 

Congratulations again to Jennifer and Forrest on their wedding and publication! Above all, we are so happy our photographers could capture those trending wedding photos in NJ for you! 

Jennifer and Forrest’s Wedding