Congratulations again to Julissa and Luke on getting married and being published! Julissa and Luke’s wedding took place on May 15th, 2021 at the Crystal Ballroom in Freehold, NJ. We were so happy to see that our Crystal Ballroom wedding photographers photos were published in The Coordinated Bride this past September!

To begin, The Coordinated Bride aims to feature sophisticated and fashion forward brides! The publication chooses to feature brides who have a unique style and taste. The brides featured in this publication can be described as chic, romantic, beautiful, glamorous and incredibly breathtaking. It is no surprise to see that Julissa and Luke’s wedding was featured in The Coordinated Bride.

Julissa and Luke’s wedding was everything that The Coordinated Bride looks for. Their wedding was absolutely incredible! Julissa looked like a real life princess! There was no way that she would have looked any more beautiful. Luke also looked remarkable! He wore a classy tuxedo with a big smile on his face. Everyone present at Julissa and Luke’s wedding was stunned by how amazing the couple looked.

The couple’s ceremony was held outside on a beautiful sunny day. Our Crystal Ballroom wedding photographers took the most amazing pictures of the newlyweds as they tied the knot becoming husband and wife! Julissa and Luke couldn’t help but smile from cheek to cheek as they excited their gorgeous ceremony as husband and wife.

Finally, it was time to celebrate! The newlyweds Julissa and Luke had the most amazing first dance. They danced on the clouds! Then our Crystal Ballroom wedding photographer captured amazing photos of everyone tearing up the dance floor.

Congratulations again to Julissa and Luke on finally becoming husband and wife and being published in The Coordinated Bride! We couldn’t be more excited for you both!

Julissa and Luke’s Fairytale Wedding With Our Crystal Ballroom Wedding Photographers