Kasey and Michael’s Wedding Videography at The Mansion


Congratulations to Kasey and Michael on their recent marriage! These lovebirds were wed at The Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees, NJ. This venue offered an exquisite ballroom, an all-glass ceremony pavilion, picture-perfect gazebos, and a lovely outdoor venue space that was just perfect for their wedding day!

The sun was out as our  NJ Wedding Videographer captured the brides stunning white wedding gown that hung from the tree outside. Shortly after, she slipped into her strapless dress and looked out the window, excited for her big day! Before the ceremony, she read a beautiful note from her soon to be husband and even shed a tear or two, how sweet! Nearby, Michael was with his groomsmen preparing for the big day as well as the groom read a letter from Kasey moments before seeing each other for the first time that day!

At The Mansion, Kasey ascended down the staircase bouquet in hand, all lights were flashing as Michael turned around for their first look! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was sure to be there for both of their reactions! At the outdoor ceremony, it was a special moment shared as the couple said their “I Do’s”. The bridesmaids in blue and groomsmen in black, stood proudly next to their best friends! Officially Mr. and Mrs. the couple made their way back down the aisle ready to celebrate!

The candle lit reception room was romantically decorated. Guests enjoyed our Cloth Photo Booth as did the newlyweds! When they weren’t on the dance floor, they were mingling with their family and friends! It was such a great day to celebrate! 

Congratulations again to Kasey and Michael! We wish you a happily ever after!