A huge congratulations to Kelly and Dan on their wedding! These two said ‘I do’ on November 8th, 2019. Overall, our Pen Ryn Estate wedding videos team made sure that every special moment was captured for them to look back on.

First, Kelly and Dan got ready for their big day. Kelly and her best girls had fun getting ready in matching plaid robes. While getting primped and pampered, they read aloud letters they had written to each other. In Dan’s letter to Kelly, he described her as beautiful, kind, smart, funny, and just too good to be true. Kelly wrote to Dan that she had been dreaming of this day since she was a little girl, but little did she know how lucky she would be that she would get to marry him. Shortly after, Kelly dressed in her stunning, sparkly wedding gown, and Dan in his dashing, blue tuxedo. They had their ceremony in a beautiful church, and before you know it, they were husband and wife. Our Pen Ryn Estate wedding videos team got some heartfelt candids of them afterwards.

The reception ballroom was decorated with snow white bouquets and shiny golden chairs. The grand entrances made by Kelly and Dan, along with their bridal party, were silly and fun, setting the tone for the night. Their first dance was nothing short of beautiful. You could just see the love, joy and happiness in their eyes every time they looked at each other. It was a love they shared with everyone else in the room that night. In short, it was a very special day that they will truly never forget.

Congratulations, again, to Kelly and Dan on their beautiful wedding day! Our Pen Ryn Estate wedding videos team wishes you many years of love and happiness!

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