Congratulations to Krysta and Jeff on their marriage! The newlywed couple tied the knot at the wonderful Lucien’s Manor located in Berlin Township, New Jersey. With a fantastic venue and a fantastic couple, this wedding will be nothing short of amazing!

Krysta began the day with all her bridesmaids. Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured the girls being pampered for this special day, and they could barely contain their excitement. After all the makeup was done, Krysta slipped into her dress, took some last minute photos, and then she was off to her dream wedding!

Jeff and his groomsmen were eagerly waiting for Krysta and passed the time with some laughs, a drink, and some photos captured by our NJ Wedding Photographer. Once the ladies were ready, everyone headed over to Lucien’s Manor for the ceremony of a lifetime!

As Krysta was walking down the aisle in her gorgeous, white, beaded dress, Jeff had a wonderful heart warming look in his eyes as he gazed at his beautiful fiance. After their vows were said, Krysta and Jeff sealed their fate with a kiss and were pronounced husband and wife while surrounded by the ones that they love.

The freshly married couple enjoyed a nice cocktail hour, followed by the reception. Throughout the entire night, our NJ Wedding DJ had everyone out of their seats and moving! All of the amazing moments of the night were caught by our NJ Wedding Videographer and NJ Wedding Photographer. The couple’s wedding was filled with love, happiness, and joy. We felt so honored to be a part of it!

Again, Congratulations Krysta and Jeff. We wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future!



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