Last-Minute Must-HavesBecause It’s Better To Be Safe…Than Sorry!

Finally, it’s your wedding day! Imagine you’re standing at the altar with your soon to be spouse and it’s finally time to say “I do.” However, when you do, all you can smell is last night’s rehearsal dinner! Now, picture your outdoor wedding reception. You’re sharing your perfect first dance as husband and wife when all of a sudden, a mosquito just won’t leave you two alone! Don’t worry, these wedding mishaps could easily be avoided! How is that?! We have the solution to all of your wedding day emergencies with our list of last-minute must-haves to bring along with you.

Survival Kit? Check!

Trust us, we get it: emergencies can happen, even on the most incredible day of our lives! We can forget to pack necessities with all the wedding craziness and stresses of the long (but exciting!) day. This is where your wedding day survival kit comes into play. Be locked and loaded with aspirin for your stressing sweetheart, a granola bar for your anxious stomach, and a bandage for your blistered bridesmaid. Whatever the emergency is, you will be fully equipped with last-minute must-haves to make sure your wedding goes on without a hitch.

Overall, the perfect wedding day survival kit includes any precautionary items that could truly “save the date” if disaster strikes. At a moment’s notice, you will want to have the tools necessary to nip any wedding day woe right in the bud. Don’t miss checking out our comprehensive (and easy to shop for) list!

Last Minute Must-Haves For Your Wedding:

  1. Aspirin – Are those champagne toasts going to your head? You’ll thank us for this one in the morning!
  2. Band-Aids – Don’t let those heels keep you from dancing the night away. A Band-Aid will save the day!
  3. Blotting Papers – There’s no need to sweat…about sweating during your big day.
  4. Bobby Pins – Put a pin in your worries about loose strands of hair!
  5. Breath Mints – Your first kiss is “mint” to be perfect; let’s keep it that way!
  6. Bug Spray – Don’t let flies bug you on your big day! They aren’t on the guest list.
  7. Chap Stick – Keep those lips soft for your sweetheart!
  8. Deodorant – All this dancing and picture taking calls for keeping fresh.
  9. Fashion Tape – Keep your neckline at your neckline.
  10. Flats or Sneakers – Trust us, you’ll be dying for a change of shoes out on the dance floor!
  11. Floss – Because you’ll be showing off those pearly whites all day long!
  12. Granola Bar – It’s your big day and you can snack all you want to!
  13. Hair Brush – Here’s to a great wedding…and a great hair day.
  14. Hairspray – Say goodbye to droopy, unruly hair.
  15. Hair Ties – Time for the after party? AKA, time to put the hair up.
  16. Lighter – For all those frayed edges, bothersome strings, and ineffective candles.
  17. Makeup – Make up for all the tears and sweat; a quick touch-up won’t hurt!
  18. Phone Charger – How else would you snap your wedding day selfies without a phone?
  19. Safety Pins – You can never be too safe!
  20. Sewing Kit – Rogue buttons? Ill-fitting dresses? Let’s make sure that is sew not a problem anymore.
  21. Stain Remover – For when the red wine misses your mouth!
  22. Sun Screen – Stay sun-kissed on your wedding day, not sun-burnt!
  23. Tampons – You never know when you or a bridesmaid will need one.
  24. Tissues – For all the ~feels~
  25. Umbrella – No raining on your parade.

So, how do you feel now? Relieved of your wedding day stresses? We hope so! Ultimately, you will survive any wedding day emergency with this list of last-minute must-haves!