Congratulations to Laura and Brian on their recent Engagement! From high school sweethearts to fiances this love will last a life time! Laura and Brian’s portraits from our NJ Wedding Photographer are amazing and they have been published on Brides&

Brides & Weddings  is a website that specializes in weddings, photographs, venues and vendors. It offers inspiration and recommendations for brides to be! Laura and Brian’s published photographs are absolutely beautiful! Their published shoot can be found in the Real Engagements section under the title “Laura and Brian: A Nostalgic Engagement Shoot”.

Planning an engagement shoot that would take them back down memory lane, the couple went to their hometown of West Orange, NJ. This fun filled shoot took our NJ Wedding photographer through their fond memories of being a part of the Marching Mountaineers Marching Band.  From the moment they set foot on their old high school property, all the old memories of their love came flooding back to them. You could tell how much love they truly shared for one another.

Congratulations, again to Laura and Brian not only on their nostalgic engagement shoot but also having their magical day published! If you’d like to read their full story, along with the rest of their photos it can be found here:

Lara and Brian’s Engagement Session

NJ Wedding Photographer