Congratulations to Lillian and James on their beautiful wedding! These two love birds committed themselves to each other on a chilly December afternoon.  Their ceremony and reception was enchanting  from the flower arrangements to the vows. The ceremony was held at their families local church and the reception was held at the charming Woodcrest Country Club, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It was a beautiful occasion that family and friends will remember forever!

As Lillian was preparing to meet her soon-to-be husband our NJ Wedding Videographers made sure to capture every special moment! Lillian and her bridesmaids wore matching velvet robes as the stylist did their hair and makeup. The room was full of smiles and laughter!

The ceremony was a beautiful traditional service.  Lillian walked down the aisle in a fairytale-esque gown and was met at the alter by her soon-to-be husband.  There were many tears of joy shared between the couple.  Thanks to our NJ Wedding Videographers Lillian and James will now be able to cherish their wedding forever!

Snow was falling as the lovely couple and their bridal party took pictures. It was a serene picturesque moment that was filmed by our NJ Wedding Videogrpahers!  Lillian, James, and their guests were now ready for the celebration to begin! Everyone at the reception had a wonderful time together!

Congratulations, again, to Lillian and James! We are so happy to have been a part of your special day!