Congratulations to Linda and Scott on their marriage! In a galaxy far, far away, Linda and Scott tied the knot during a romantic and stunning wedding and celebration at Brigalias in Sicklerville, NJ.

Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured every moment and detail perfectly for our stunning couple to cherish within their photo book for a lifetime.

The reception space was light and grand, complete with gorgeous light blue ambient lighting, perfect for Linda and Scott’s big day. Linda and Scott’s guests truly enjoyed the decor and atmosphere of the venue and had the time of their lives as they danced to the great music that the DJ provided!

As you look through Linda and Scott’s photo book, you can tell just by the way these two dance like no one is watching, or how they walk through the archway of lightsabers, just how much they love one another!

We love the pictures of Linda and Scott having a galactic time as they played with their lightsabers, as well as the images of Linda and Scott with all their friends and family through out the night. Several smiles, laughs and memories were made on this stunning day.

We were honored to have been apart of Linda and Scott’s special day! Congratulations once again, Linda and Scott and may the force be with you!