Congratulations to Nicole and Edward on their marriage! The couple had their wedding at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. Watch how our Wedding Videographer North Jersey captured their day!

To begin, the day started with bride and groom prep. The groom and his groomsmen dressed handsomely in black suits complemented with either blue ties or handkerchiefs! Meanwhile, the bride was accessorizing with jewelry! Next, she reads a note from Edward that writes “I knew you were special from the day we met”.  Of course, our Wedding Videographer North Jersey was sure to record these words for everlasting memories! Next, it was time for the ceremony!

The ceremony was held outside on a sunny day! With green trees and garden flowers, it was simply beautiful! After the bridesmaids, dressed in blue gowns, made their way to the aisle, friends and family stood as the bride made her appearance.  Her white dress had layers of ruffles and adorned with sequins! When the bride and groom held hands, they made a promise to choose each other to be their beloved soulmates. After making this commitment, the happy couple kissed to tie the knot!

Now, it’s time for the reception! The room had white drapes, gold moldings, and colorful flower centerpieces that sat on every table! Walking through the door holding hands, the newlywed’s loving guests cheered and clapped! Afterwards, the couple shared a dance under the light of the chandeliers. The fog machine made it look like they were dancing on a cloud! After our Wedding Videographer North Jersey documented kind words from their wedding party, the happy couple re-entered the dance floor with their guests! Everyone celebrated, laughed, and even used our photo booth for funny pictures! It was a joyful day!

Again, congratulations Nicole and Edward! We enjoyed celebrating with you!