Vaughn and Nicketa from Enchanted Celebrations on Vimeo.

Our NJ Wedding Videographers were delighted to film Vaughn and Nicketa. Their wedding was held at the Brigalias located in Winslow Township, NJ. The ceremony took place in the chapel on site. The flower choices the bride and groom chose complimented the details of the chapel. It was beautiful day outside to film Vaughn and Nicketa around the breathtaking scenery. The cake was stunning, as well as the centerpieces in the ballroom. The introductions were a lot of fun, everyone came out with their own dance! Our videographers enjoyed filming this lively bunch. The wedding party was a lot of fun to get on film. We had a lot of laughs! The cake cutting, you wouldn’t have wanted to miss! Whatever is important to you our NJ Wedding Videographers will be sure to capture it on film!