NJ Wedding Videographers


Of all locations in the world, few are as perfect for a wedding as New Jersey. Although the state is often overlooked, New Jersey has plenty to offer prospective couples, like beautiful venues. Most importantly, you’ll want skilled NJ wedding videographers, someone who can record your entire wedding day so you can relive the experience for years to come.

The question is, how do you choose a good videographer? Here are a few questions to ask your NJ wedding videographers before getting started.

1. What style do you use?

If your wedding videographer uses a more cinematic style of shooting, it’s important to find out beforehand rather than after you’ve paid him and are watching the video for the first time.

2. Have you done many weddings before?

Make sure the NJ wedding videographer you choose is experienced and skilled at shooting weddings. Beginners often make the mistake of focusing too much on the couple and not enough on attendees, or vice versa. Finding NJ wedding videographers who have shot several weddings is a good way to know what to expect in the end.

3. What awards have you won? Any special recognition?

Check online for reviews before making a final decision about NJ wedding videographers. If he or she has any special awards or outstanding recognition from previous clients, that’s better than any experience they could present. Finding out all you can before making your final choice is a great way of ensuring you choose the perfect NJ wedding videographer for your ceremony.

Some other elements to consider when choosing NJ wedding videographers are whether or not they have ever worked at that location before. If a videographer has experience in a location, he or she will know where to position themselves to get the best shots. You should make sure it’s okay to film at certain locations, particularly if there is a religious aspect; certain systems of beliefs may not permit the recording of the ceremony.

4. We Get it!

At Enchanted Celebrations, we understand the stress and chaos that can arise when wedding planning. We’ve been there before; we know that it’s important to make sure your special day is truly special.

We present you with a number of options to help you make the right choice concerning your wedding, including options for DJs, photographers, NJ wedding videographers, and other fun stuff to keep the guests entertained and the energy level high. Our staff of NJ wedding videographers are experienced and skilled at collecting all of the events of the day and presenting them to you in a polished, finalized form that will wow and astound anyone who watches.

All of the videos shot by our NJ wedding videographers are in high definition, with full editing packages that make it easy to have the video presented to you in whatever form and whatever order and style that you may want. With music options to set the mood of the video, it’s hard to say no. And best of all, all videos can be given in Facebook-sized snippets.

Enchanted Celebrations offers free, no obligation, in-home consultations for all of its services, and particularly for NJ wedding videographers. While a photograph might be a snapshot of a particular moment in time, nothing allows you to relive the day like a wedding video can. Take the stress out of planning; choose Enchanted Celebrations!