About Reverend Greg

Reverend Greg - Enchanted CelebrationsWhy I Love Weddings

I subscribe to the philosophy that the impact we make on other people in our lives is one of the most important things that we can do. Being a wedding minister allows me to do just that. To see two people deeply in love committing themselves to each other and that unique look in their eyes that speaks more than words. It’s a look that transcends the day to day things that go on here but has a much deeper meaning that we can only begin to understand when those two love struck people are officially married in the eyes of those who believe in them. Out in forever, high amongst the stars, love is shining down on us, right here where we are. I forgot where I heard that or who wrote that simple line but it rings true as I am privileged to be part of their special day that unites them as one.

A Little Bit About Yourself

I have always felt a calling to either help, teach or touch people in one way or another. I became a reflexologist and a Reiki master (a form of Japanese energy healing) to bring a relaxing form of a traditional practice from Japan to help people relax physically and emotionally. As usual, on my particular journey in life, I was always searching for other ways to bring a form happiness to people and I secured my ordination as a wedding minister in 2001. In the past eleven plus years of performing wedding ceremonies, I have always felt a deep sense of spirituality and warm energy from the people I meet, interact with and marry. The reward for myself goes beyond anything material. As far as my personal story goes, I live a happy existence with my two teenage sons and a house full of cats, music and plants. We laugh, meditate, and live each day with optimism.

Tell Me About Your Style

My style of ministering a wedding ceremony is relaxed, friendly, and communicative. Sometimes the “big day” can be stressful and I like to keep things loose. If there are last minute changes, I always feel we can adapt and improvise, never losing the spirit of the moment. The most important thing is love, commitment and dedication. Old archaic beliefs that prohibit any two people who are deeply in love from getting married is not something I subscribe to. This is why I prefer the state of New Jersey right now where we can be free to unite couples, no matter what their gender or religious persuasion or spiritual beliefs.