Meet Jay

Hometown: Howell, NJ
Staff Wedding Photographer
Shooting Professionally Since 2013

Why I Love Weddings:
The thing I love most about weddings has to be the way they help people escape from reality. Some people can be going through the toughest of times but when they are at a wedding, with friends and family they might not always get the chance to see, they are truly happy. At this moment, all of their worldly troubles are ignored and the only emotion they can experience is pure happiness.

A Little Bit About Myself:
Ever since I pressed the shutter button for the first time, I have been addicted to photography. The feeling of power it gives you is probably my favorite part. The way that you can capture a split second in time and make it last forever just amazes me. I will be graduating high school in June and I plan to study photography in college as a major or a minor.

My Photographic Style:
There are millions of photographers in the world so every time I go out to shoot, my number one goal is to be as unique as possible. In my opinion, the greatest accomplishment you can achieve in photography is for someone to pick your photo out of a portfolio and not only enjoy it or be inspired by it, but for them to recognize your work. That is what I strive for every time I take a picture.

Jay’s Portfolio

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