Meet Joseph V.

Meet Joe

Joseph V.
Hometown: Brick, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Professionally Since 2009

BFA in Photography (In Progress)

Why I Love Weddings:
I am infatuated with love, and you cannot find a larger, truer love anywhere other than a wedding. It’s an incredibly important time for the two people I am photographing and I take no less importance onto myself to capture every moment of the BIG day! I want to make sure the bride and groom can look back on these photos on their 50th Anniversary and still not be able to hold back that same smile, or those same tears they had on their wedding day.

A Little Bit About Myself:
I grew up with a camera in my face. Whether it be a video, film or later digital camera, my father had one. He made it a point to document everything in our lives (regardless of how embarrassing). One day the camera changed directions and I found my passion. I started out shooting on a more professional status in High School when I met my teacher and mentor Mr. Kraft who shaped my beginning years of photography. After high school I tucked my camera away, packed my bags and went away to become an American Soldier in the New Jersey Army National Guard. When I came back from my 8 months of training I picked my camera back up as a way to channel my emotions, which led to a whole new understanding and appreciation for photography. I feel so alive with a camera in my hand and couldn’t picture my life without looking through the viewfinder of my camera. Now it’s my turn to take my father’s reign’s and document my and your new family’s biggest moments.

My Photographic Style:
I do not have a set style because my photography is forever evolving. That is the way I like it. Shoot different every time and make every experience unique. The love the bride and groom poses and radiate will come out in the photographs, that is my goal every single time I shoot.

Joseph V.’s Portfolio

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