Meet Michelet

Meet Michelet

Hometown: Upper Township, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Professionally Since: 2007

Bachelor of Arts in Art
Bachelor of Arts in Art Education

About My Education:
I was born in Florida and shortly after my family moved to Paris, where I lived for several years. When we returned, my aunt gave me my first camera: a Pentax K-1000 with which I learned how to roll, develop and process my own photos. I moved on to attend Mason Gross School of Art, where I furthered my traditional studies with large and medium format black and white photography and began shooting events professionally. After the program ended, I transferred to Rowan University, where I took advantage of their vast array of classes on digital media, transferring my knowledge of manual photography to the digital world. There, I went on to continue my second degree in Art Education. Now as a teacher, I get a chance to open the eyes of my students and share the world with them.

Why I Love Weddings:
Weddings to me are magical. They’re full of history too. No matter the size of the family, you are still pulling together multiple generations to celebrate the love that two people share. Weddings are a celebration of life and the lives of the families around you who have worked their magic to bring to one moment where the future begins the new life that the couple will share together as a new family. It’s such a joyous occasion and I am extremely grateful to be a part of the magic.

A Little Bit About Myself:
I am currently a high school art teacher, specializing in digital media, web designing, and photo manipulation. When I’m not preparing for a wedding, teaching or lesson planning, I like to go adventuring. I go kayak fishing (even though I never catch a thing), camping, surfing and I love to travel! So far I have been to fourteen countries and thirty-four states and have documented each and every trip.

My Photographic Style:
Capturing meaningful, story-telling images, distilled out of events that are constantly changing, is a wonderful challenge. Sometimes, the greatest photos are snapped at the peak action. Frequently, however, they are discovered in the reaction to what has occurred. I live for that moment.

My style can be best described as elegant photojournalistic. It’s a mix between contemporary and fine art photography. I lean more towards candid, non-traditional and not highly posed images. I also love capturing the smallest details in the event, like a secret wink between the best man and the groom or the pearls brocaded in the veil. I feel that the bride and groom work so hard to have the wedding be perfect down to the last detail and I should work just as hard to record those details. My hope is that everyone will enjoy reliving the event through them in ten, twenty, or even one hundered years.

Michelet’s Portfolio

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