Meet Tim

Meet Tim

Hometown: Mt. Holly, New Jersey
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Professionally Since 2010

B.S. in Business Management minoring in Computer Science
from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Senior Stockton College Athletics Photographer
2013 Mayhem in the Meadowlands Primary Photographer

Why I Love Weddings:
Having the opportunity to document a wedding is such a personal experience for me. You and your partner are trusting in me to capture every detail of your special day, I find this so humbling and yet rewarding. From the moment I arrive I am looking to not only professionally document your day, but go above and beyond to make sure your day is as smooth and memorable as possible. I love taking on this responsibility because you’ve given me the chance to look through my viewfinder and see LOVE. Being able to capture, document, and display LOVE is why I love weddings. So thank you! For making my job so easy, fun, and rewarding, because of your LOVE!

A Little Bit About Myself:
The roots for my passion of photography sprouted when I was only 4. Our family had taken a trip to visit relatives in Ireland. My parents never had much interest in cameras, so as being the oldest sibling they always put the disposable cameras in my hands wherever we went. Years later my highschool photography teacher played a large part in developing my passion for the trade. I took every photography class I could through highschool, I even took an independent study after completing the last possible course. Over the next several years I was presented with numerous photographic opportunities through travel, events, and other active photographers. Paired with my degree in Business Management, I quickly learned what it meant to be a professional in my field. These experiences allowed me to define my photographic style and refine my view of what it means to be your photographer.

My Photographic Style:
My favorite images are the ones I don’t see coming. I see a small treasure, a nerve goes off, and the shutter clicks. These reactions are the moments I live for on your day.

You are unique, every person that I’ve had the opportunity to meet has been unique in their own way. I take this concept and apply it to wedding photography. This is why I would label my style as artistic photojournalism. Every moment that you create on your wedding day is unique to you, and I find documenting that in a beautiful way so rewarding. The traditional shots of you and your loved ones with glowing smiles are very important, but the moments after can be just as valuable. Keeping a keen eye to freeze those moments that come unexpected is something that gives me great pride in my work. I would love to share my artistic passion for photography with the passion and love that is displayed on your wedding day, and create a positive ever-lasting experience.

Tim’s Portfolio

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