Meet Justin S.

Justin S.
Hometown: Farmingdale, NJ
Staff Wedding Videographer
Staff Wedding Video Editor
Shooting and Editing Professionally Since 2010

BA in Film & Television
BA in Spanish
Has filmed award winning movies and music videos that are currently airing around the world in countries such as India and Australia.

Why I Love Weddings:
There is nothing more rewarding than creating a film that will make a couple smile not only the day after the ceremony, but 50 years later. It is a privilege to turn a breathtaking day into a timeless memory. Weddings are incredibly enjoyable moments, and I believe fun is always the key to an amazing video.

A Little Bit About Myself:
Growing up in a small town encouraged me to take enjoyment in simple pleasures, and throughout my college and professional career I have learned to translate this into film. I take the time not only to focus on the big picture, but to bring out all of the subtle details that make your special day so unique. I have always enjoyed meeting new people, and believe all clients should be treated as friends.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:
I recently filmed a good friend’s wedding at a hotel in central New Jersey. The bride read a beautiful vow which swept everyone off of their feet. As I focused on the groom afterwards, it seemed he had been completely mesmerized by her. He shed a tear. It’s hard to describe, but to capture that moment was absolutely amazing. I hope they will watch it in the years to come, and be just as overwhelmed with joy and love.

How I Incorporate Music:
Music is almost always the key element in creating a video; it acts as a guide, sets the tone and evokes emotion. I will happily take any requests and make sure that they not only fit, but play an influential role in the final film’s charm.

Other Interests:
Volleyball, Soccer, Playing Guitar, Watching far too many movies

Graduated Magna Cum from The College of New Jersey with a BA in Film & TV and a BA in Spanish

Professional Certifications Relating to Videography:
Cinematographer for award winning films The Ground Keeper, Broken Days, and Appolonia. Appolonia is currently being used in Asia to teach students about film making techniques.

Justin’s Portfolio

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