Let’s raise a glass and join in celebrating the beautiful union of Priscilla and Eric! These two tied the knot on December 10, 2022, at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ: Running Deer Golf Club in Pittsgrove, NJ. This couple’s love story is truly one for the books. 

The wedding preparations were spectacular, as the couple planned every detail to create a dreamlike ambiance. The video provides us with a glimpse into the minutes previous to tying the knot, where anticipation and excitement were palpable. Priscilla looked radiant in her exquisite white gown, adorned with delicate lace detailing, while Eric was dashing in his classic black tuxedo. Their outfits reflected elegance and sophistication, setting the stage for a day filled with love.

The ceremony itself was a heartwarming affair, resonating with love and significance. Against a picturesque backdrop of blooming flowers and surrounded by their closest family and friends,  the bride and groom exchanged heartfelt vows. The palpable emotions in their voices and the tender gazes they shared left no doubt that their love was genuine and everlasting. Then, after giving each other rings as a symbol of their mutual commitment, Priscilla and Eric were pronounced husband and wife. Finally, they shared a wonderful kiss to start this new journey together. 

At last, it was time for the party. The reception was a grand celebration, filled with laughter, joy, and heartfelt speeches. First, the couple’s love for each other radiated as they took to the dance floor of this romantic wedding venue in NJ for their first dance as a married couple. Next, the guests reveled in the festivities, raising toasts, and sharing cherished moments with the newlyweds. Eric and Priscilla’s wedding was truly a night to remember.

Congratulations, once again, to the happy couple, Eric and Priscilla! Thank you for allowing our team to be part of your day at one of the most romantic wedding venues in NJ. Best wishes for a future that continues to be as beautiful and magical as your wedding day!

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