Congratulations to Samantha and Robert on officially tying the knot! The lovely couple celebrated their wedding at Perona Farms on September 20th, 2019. Check out our  Perona Farms wedding photos for more weddings!

First, the happy couple’s wedding video begins with showing invitations, wedding rings, and Samantha’s gorgeous dress. Samantha and her bridesmaids all wore matching floral robes while getting ready for the couple’s special day. The couple read the vows that they had written for each other.  Samantha had a beautiful wedding dress embellished with lace and sparkly beige heels. Along with her dress, she had a pretty rose bouquet. All the bridesmaids wore elegant mauve colored dresses. Meanwhile, Robert and the groomsmen all wore dashing suits that had a white rose pinned to the left pocket. Robert walks down the aisle, then Samantha. The two were then officially pronounced husband and wife! Now, it was time to celebrate! Samantha and Robert walked to the reception hand and hand ready to celebrate with family and friends.

Next, Samantha and Robert enter the whimsically decorated barn for the reception. For the reception, beautiful red and white roses decorated the barn. While hanging lights softly brighten the room. The wedding cake was elegantly decorated with purple and white roses. Samantha and Robert then enter the room and shared their first dance. Afterwards, both the bride and groom share a dance with each of their family members.  Later, family and friends give loving speeches about the couple. Finally, everyone joined the dance floor in celebration of the wedding!  Everyone had an amazing time and we were there to capture the Perona Farms wedding photos and videography.

Once again, congratulations to Samantha and Robert on their lovely wedding! Thank you for choosing us for your Perona Farms wedding photos and videography!

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