Congratulations to Sarah and Justin on their lovely wedding! This couple tied the knot on April 3rd, 2021 at the Camden County Boathouse. We love the job that our popular NJ wedding videographers did when it came to capturing this couple’s wedding. 

First, the day began with prep. Sarah spent her morning with her bridesmaids getting ready for her big day. She got her hair and makeup done, and once she was finished it was time for her to put on her dress. Sarah’s bridesmaids helped to zip her into her beautiful, off the shoulder, lace ballgown. Justin also spent his morning getting ready for his big day. His groomsmen helped to make sure he looked his best before sending him off to his ceremony. 

Next, it was time for the ceremony. Sarah captivated her audience as she walked down the aisle to meet Justin at the altar. Justin could not help but to shed a few tears as he watched his beautiful bride make her way towards him. The adorable couple exchanged their vows and were finally pronounced husband and wife! How exciting! Thankfully, our popular NJ wedding videographers captured the entire ceremony! 

Finally, it was time for the reception. Sarah and Justin began the night by sharing their first dance together. When they were finished, they were joined on the dancefloor by all of their loved ones. Following some dancing, it was time for toasts. Sarah’s daughter shared a heartfelt toast about the couple, which resulted in happy tears from both Justin and Sarah. After toasts, everyone gathered back on the dancefloor. The rest of the night was spent dancing and celebrating. 

Congratulations again to Sarah and Justin on their beautiful wedding! We are so glad that our popular NJ wedding videographers captured this couple’s special night!