South Jersey Wedding DJs

South Jersey Wedding DJs

South Jersey Wedding DJs, Turn It Up!

It’s time to turn up the music and DJ inspo! Our South Jersey wedding DJs are fully prepared to keep you and your guests dancing all night long! Let’s be totally honest, music can make or break a wedding reception. One wrong song can send your guests back to their seats without looking back. However, we promise that our experienced DJs will not only make your wedding reception a huge hit, but provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests as well. Let’s leave it to our team of professionals to show you how we #ownthenight for our client’s weddings!

No Fears, Just Cheers

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With our South Jersey wedding DJs, your wedding reception is in the best hands. Our team of talented DJs have years of professional experience entertaining weddings across the nation, let alone South Jersey. In addition, they are experts in reading the crowds, so you never have to worry about having an empty dance floor. Want to see how packed your wedding dance floor can look? Check out Emily and Fred’s fun-filled wedding at Rhodes Barn!

south jersey wedding djs

As you can see, our DJs made sure that this happy couple had the time of their lives. We promise, Emily and Fred were on the dance floor the entire night jamming to their favorite hits! To top it all off, their guests joined in on some fun line dances right along with the newlyweds. The overall atmosphere matched perfectly with the warm, rustic venue. Ultimately, our DJs couldn’t have done a better job at providing the most unforgettable experience for Emily and Fred’s upbeat and exciting wedding day!

Although our South Jersey wedding DJs promise to follow your instructions, they will provide you with expert advice. Keep reading to learn a few tips that your DJ will suggest!

Keep your first dance brief! Live in the moment and make it memorable! Twirl each other around, go all out, and make it your own. Make it long enough that you are enjoying yourself, but not too long so you can enjoy celebrating with your guests. Another good idea is to invite other guests to come to join you halfway! 

Make a list of your least favorite songs. Our DJs do not want you to hear your least favorite song on your big day! If you give them a do not playlist, it will comfort you and them that you will enjoy yourself!

Forget Spotify for a night! You might think you are an expert DJ, if you are hiring one, there is most likely a reason. Do not bring any of your playlists, our DJs are experts at listening and adjusting their music to the crowd. They will make sure your friends are dancing the night away! Trust your DJ!

Make sure you are dancing too! Break out your best moves and dance the night away! Your guests will match your mood, if you don’t dance they won’t want to. So bring out the moves! 

Put a song request option on the RSVP card. Everyone has unique tastes in music and while it is your special day, you want to make sure everyone is having fun. By getting requests, you will diversify the music to appeal to different generations and different types of people!

Think about your guests. Keep in mind that you might hate songs that others love. When writing your love-like-hate lists, try to compromise. You won’t have much fun if a huge crowd isn’t dancing.

Worst case scenario, start grabbing people by their arms to come dance.  Rarely will someone say no to the guests of honor, when they asking them to dance. Asking politely, will get people who are shy to come out and dance! 

Here to Help

Planning a wedding day is already stressful and our South Jersey wedding DJs want to make your life easier! Picking out music for the main parts of your evening can be hard, especially if you are someone who doesn’t listen to music a lot. But don’t worry, our DJs will give you suggestions to help you decide. Here only a few of the songs they may suggest:

Reception Entrance: Marry You by Bruno Mars & I Gotta A Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas 

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son:The Best Day by Taylor Swift & Hero by Mariah Carey 

Slow Dancing: Perfect by Ed Sheeran & At Last by Etta James

Dancing the Night Away: Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations & Don’t Stop Believin by Journey

Your Wedding, Your Way

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But wait…what if you totally hate line dancing? What if the electric slide makes all of your guests slide back into their seats? Well fear not, our South Jersey wedding DJs can handle it! Not only do they expertly listen to crowds (and the music!), but they listen to your input! After all, it’s your wedding and everything is meant to run your way. Our South Jersey wedding DJs will play all of your requests at just the right time. We assure you that all of your special dances, cake cutting, and even cocktail hour will be a piece of cake!

We know what you’re thinking! What if one of your guests requests a song that does not sit well with you? Like we said, you have nothing to worry about! If a song is on your “Do-Not Play list,” we will not play it, period. Above all, our South Jersey wedding DJs are here to ensure that your wedding reception is exactly how you want it to be. Your wedding, your way: no exceptions, just the best -of-the-best in entertainment!

Pump Up Your Party with Favors

Looking for another way to keep your reception going until late hours of the night? Our South Jersey wedding DJs suggest having them hand out party favors throughout the night! Your reception is the biggest party of your life!  Help your guests get hype by handing out favors like funky masks, noisemakers, silly string, and confetti. This encourages your guests to get crazy and cut loose after the formal ceremony! It also gives an extra incentive for guests to take fun pictures in the photo booth! 

Hit The Lights

South Jersey Wedding DJs

Guess what?! Our South Jersey wedding DJs don’t come alone! In addition to an awesome assistant, there is a variety of other worthwhile additions that you can add on to your DJ package. For example, a photo booth is a perfect way to pump up your wedding reception! What better way to snap some silly photos with your guests than with one of our DJs blasting your favorite tunes in the background?! Take a look at Sarah and Jonathan’s whimsical wedding at Scotland Run Golf Club! Our DJs made sure that this happy couple danced their moonlit night away.

south jersey wedding djs

However, Sarah and Jonathan also spent their night posing with one of our open air photo booths! They took sweet and silly captures together in front of our shimmery sequin backdrop after sharing the most romantic first dance as husband and wife. Our DJs kept them and their guests smiling and singing along all night long.

Let’s talk lighting! Did you know that our South Jersey wedding DJs can also provide the perfect ambient lighting for your evening reception? Imagine elegant purple lights illuminating your romantic first dance! Picture a warmer tone like orange to light up your cocktail hour. The choice is yours! You have a wide spectrum of colors available to you when booking ambient lighting with our South Jersey wedding DJs. With us, your true love won’t be the piece of your reception making the dance floor sparkle!

Don’t believe us? Let’s look at Elizabeth and Robert’s Dreamy South Jersey Wedding Videography. Elizabeth and Robert had a spring fairytale wedding at the Ramblewood Country Club. Elizabeth looked like a princess in an immaculate long gown and a crown on her head. The reception venue had beautiful pink and purple flowers arranged artistically placed all over the party room. To maintain the romantic atmosphere and convey the love in the air, our South Jersey wedding DJs lit the room with purple lights. Besides emphasizing love, the purple lights set a party tone that made everyone want to dance! There’s nothing like purple lights and Don’t Stop the Party by Pitbull to start a dancing train!

Having a summer wedding? Our South Jersey wedding DJs can use lights to brighten up the mood! They did a wonderful job at Amber and Mike’s Wedding at the Blue Herons Pines Golf Club. Amber and Mike planned a picturesque, summery wedding with Amber wearing a lace sparkle gown and Mike wearing a grey suit with a purple bow tie. They said their vows under a white altar overlooking the vast and beautiful golf course. After everyone made their way to the reception hall which was beautifully completed with crown moldings, candle lanterns, and purple flowers! Our DJs put the finishing touches on the aesthetic of the room by adding variations of different colored lights. The small flashes of green, purple, pink, and blue hyped up the party and was perfect for a summer night!

Don’t Stop Dancing Yet!

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Do any of these weddings have you in the mood to dance yet? We have plenty more inspiration for you and your future South Jersey wedding DJs! Take a look at Bethany and Matt’s wedding videography at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club and try to find a dull moment during their reception. From line dancing to forming fun dancing circles, Bethany and Matt’s fall wedding was an absolute blast for everyone in attendance! Wasn’t their first dance just adorable?! Ultimately, our South Jersey wedding DJs had them FALL-ing in love with each other all over again with every upbeat party song or romantic classic.

Still dancing? Check out Teiera and Joshua’s wedding videography at Brigalias next! Their entire wedding party rocked that dance floor all night long! Everyone was up there showing off their dance moves and laughing until they physically couldn’t anymore! We can’t stop watching their reception footage, and we’re sure you won’t be able to either. Just look at that adorable little guy floss in the middle of the dance floor…GOALS! Also, be sure to check out their fun garter ceremony; you won’t regret it! By the end of their reception, our South Jersey wedding DJs definitely had Teiera and Joshua owning the night!

The best way to ensure a lively party is to start the night off with a bam! Katie and Michael certainly did! When the doors opened at the Clarks Landing Yacht Club, they immediately started raising their hands to the roof and danced their way into the reception. Everyone rose to their excitement and cheered! Michael brought his A-game into the first dance, carefully dipping her and laying a passionate kiss on Katie. The whole night the couple brought insane energy! In a dancing circle, Katie let loose and broke it down low all the way to the floor. She killed it! Many people took a chance in the circle breaking out their best moves! Our videographers captured Michael fist-pumping and moving his hips side to side like a pro. No one wanted to stop dancing the whole night, even when they were sitting down for a meal, one of Katie’s bridesmaids stood up and did a mini-performance for everyone. Our South Jersey wedding DJs loved seeing Katie and Michael party the night away with all their best friends and family. It was an exhilarating night!

Want to See More?

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Keep the party going and be sure to check out everything our South Jersey wedding DJs can offer for your special day! Read through a few of our favorite stories below, and of course, find some share-worthy dance floor captures! You can always feel free to contact us for more detailed information as well as take advantage of our free DJ brochures available for download today. Above all, our South Jersey wedding DJs  cannot wait to show you what it means to #ownthenight at your upcoming wedding reception!