Sparkle and Shine


The Official Web Show of Enchanted Celebrations!

One of the many benefits of working with so many brides and grooms in the pre-planning, preparation, and after wedding production processes  is the ability to have dozens of conversations weekly about wedding planning. It’s a very unique position to be able to listen to our our clients and more importantly answer questions, concerns, and of course, soothe all of those pre-wedding jitters.

From all of those opportunities, Sparkle and Shine was born.

Sparkle and Shine is our weekly web show where we give you an inside look at all of the latest trends in wedding planning and the post production process.  On the show we love talking planning tips, giving you free downloads, and of course highlighting some of our favorites stories on how we make dreams come true.

Please check back here to watch the latest episode of Sparkle & Shine and don’t forget to hashtag #SparkleandShine any of your wedding planning questions that you may want answered on social media.