Meet DJ Adam

DJ Adam
Hometown:  Lodi, NJ
Master of Ceremonies
Entertaining Weddings Since 2010
Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science, American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) member, American Meteorological Society (AMS) member.

Why I Love Weddings:

It’s a great feeling seeing the crowd dancing to the sounds and beats you’re mixing behind the decks.  Whether it’s playing one song or mixing two, three or four songs together, being in the DJ booth is fun and exciting.  Nothing tops looking out onto the dance floor and seeing people laugh, smile, dance and just overall enjoying life.  I feel as if it’s not just a job, but I’m part of the party.

A Little Bit About Myself:

It all started when I was a kid.  My father was a professional musician who played on Broadway, in recording studios and clubs.  Therefore, I got to see the music industry at a very young age.  I actually started playing the drums in elementary school.  I eventually was in jazz bands, rock bands, really just any band, just having fun and enjoying the music.  In college, I grew fond of DJing as the electronic age was booming.  I used my experience as a drummer and applied it to DJing.  I have now been a DJ for the past decade.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

There have been so many memorable and positive moments in my DJ career that it’s hard to choose one.  However, if I had to pick one it would be the time I was a groomsman and DJ at my best friend’s wedding.  It was a fun and unique experience where I had to combine business with pleasure.  Whether a friend or a client, my motto is always the same... Let's take this musical journey together and have a good time!

How I Handle Music Requests:

My job is to make sure everyone is having a good time.  However, the bride and groom come first.  Ahead of time I will speak with the bride and groom and know the music they are looking to hear.  From there I know if I can take requests and what songs I can mix in that work well with the party.  If requests are allowed then the sky’s the limit! 

How I Get Guests Up And Dancing:

A good selection of music with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  Maybe a joke or two.

Other Interests:

In addition to being a DJ I work as an operational meteorologist for a private weather company.  As for hobbies, I have always loved snowboarding and hockey.  I played ice hockey through high school and college.  Now I’m semi-retired and play men’s league.  Snowboarding wise I just love travelling the country experiencing the thrill of boarding down different mountains.

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