Meet Andres

wedding photographer nj andres

Hometown:  Fair Lawn, NJ
Second Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2015
Fluent in Spanish Multiple publications in fashion magazines: 1. Jewlz Magazine January 2019 issue 2. Jewlz Magazine September 2019 issue (Cover) 3. Luxe Magazine issue 1 (Cover) Fashion and Portrait looks.

Why I Love Weddings:

I love weddings because it is the most pure expression of true love between two people. Being able to capture that is beautiful to me. Showing the couple and family members the photos throughout the night lights them to see how well the day is going. It’s just an overall great feeling to be the one to capture memories to be shared and relived time and time again. 

A Little Bit About Myself:

I’m a 27 year photographer with strengths in fashion, and editorial style photography as well. I shoot freelance as well as for a modeling agency in Manhattan. Being able to explore different styles of photography is so liberating to me to express how I’m feeling. To be able to express true love has been my favorite so far. 

Other Interests:

Besides photography, I do enjoy others things as well. For example, I’ve been playing soccer all my life and it’s been a huge part of me. I also enjoy dancing very much, and will gladly help break the ice on the dance floor if needed. Traveling is my next favorite hobby to explore and find new places. My favorite place in the US has been San Francisco so far, the culture over there is very inviting and it’s always something new going on over there. 

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