Meet Nathan

wedding videographers pa nathan

Hometown:  Auburn, PA
Senior Wedding Videographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2013
BA in Liberal arts

Why I Love Weddings:

There is something so magical about attending a celebration of someone's love. To see two people create the ultimate bond and commitment to each other and seeing them evolve into something greater is truly a gift. Being surrounded by family and friends would make anyone happy. I love weddings because it is about two souls sharing one life in an environment where everyone can have fun and create amazing memories together.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I have wanted to create videos my whole life and to be able to do this and chase my passion makes me so happy. I went to Kutztown University, where I met my girlfriend, Connie. Together, we live in High Bridge, NJ. I am laid-back, friendly, and easy to talk to!

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:
My most memorable moment was at a wedding where the bride and groom surprised everyone with a choreographed dance. Everyone was so surprised and the room was filled with genuine happiness and excitement. I was so happy to have the opportunity to capture this for the couple and their family.

Other Interests:

I am a huge movie geek, especially with Star Wars! I am getting into old school archery, and just picked up a re-curve bow. I have a YouTube channel that features short comedy videos I made with my friends. I also play the drums in 3 different bands. I have a half black lab and half greyhound named Cooper!

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