Meet Steve

Hometown:  Collingswood, NJ
Staff Wedding Videographer
Shooting Weddings Since 1982
Associates Degree in Applied Science from Antonelli Institute.

Why I Love Weddings:

Weddings truly are a unique experience, each one is different and offers unforgettable moments. I think of myself as a preserver of the history of each family. I love knowing that the footage I capture will be viewed decades from now and enjoyed by future generations.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I grew up South Jersey. My uncle worked at an advertising agency when I was a child and would often take me to work with him on the weekends. While he worked, I would explore the many areas to satisfy my ten year old curiosity. It was all fascinating to me - the art department, film editing rooms, darkroom, and recording studios where they would produce commercials. In one room, there were tables filled with cameras of every kind. Later in high school, I joined the AV crew and the photography club. I entered a super 8 movie I made about Walt Whitman in the young filmmakers contest on PBS, and it was shown locally on channel 12. After high school, I enrolled in Antonelli Institute and was offered a job at Pierce Collage as the Audiovisual technician. During that time, I would work on the weekends for several wedding studios as I honed in on my skills and decided to start shooting weddings full time. I learned that each couple is unique and requires special considerations to ensure that the video of their wedding day are as perfect as possible. I accomplish this by searching for that special something that makes them a couple. Once found, I use my deep knowledge of light and composition to capture the mood, excitement, and romance of their once in a lifetime day.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

Last October, I had the honor of filming a couples wedding in Glassboro, NJ. I was close to the bride's family. Since I previously had worked with a close friends'wedding a few years before, I was told the bride's sister and father would be performing the Ave Maria at the end of the wedding mass as a surprise. Capturing that moment was truly an unbelievable experience. The look on the couples' face was one of complete astonishment, not to mention, the performance was of such a high professional level! I will never forget it!

Other Interests:

Collecting/playing vintage guitars and performing at local venues.

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