Congratulations to Ali and Arka on a very eye-catching wedding! This couple tied the knot on May 15th, 2021 at Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsmoor, PA. This beautiful couple didn’t have one, but two amazing ceremonies! This Stroudsmoor Country Inn wedding videography captured so many great shots of the big day.

The day started with a Hindu wedding ceremony. Ali looked gorgeous wearing a traditional wedding sari. The warm colors made her shine bright like fire! Arka looked dashing in a white Hindu tunic and pants too! The guests from both families were overjoyed as Arka shared his beautiful culture with his bride-to-be! 

The next part of the wedding was the formal ceremony. Ali donned a gorgeous white balloon dress. She looked like a star! Arka wore a sleek-looking suit and tie. The formal ceremony was so romantic. Ali and Arka said their vows and sealed the deal with a sweet kiss. Their first kiss as husband and wife was captured by our Stroudsmoor Country Inn wedding videography.

After two beautiful ceremonies, it was finally time to party! Ali and Arka wasted no time getting their groove on the dancefloor. Their guests didn’t hold back either! It was such a fun day for everyone in attendance.

Congratulations again to Ali and Arka on your successful wedding. May this Stroudsmoor Country Inn wedding videography warm your hearts every time you see it.

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