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Congratulations to Teja and Lucky on their amazing wedding at Belle Voir Manor. Check out the couple’s beautiful Belle Voir Manor wedding photos and video! 

The gorgeous couple started their day getting ready for their walk down the aisle. Teja gave her bridesmaids a special first look at her dress, stunning all of them with her gorgeous look. Her bridesmaids wore lilac dresses to match Teja’s bouquet. Lucky dressed in a sleek black suite, and wore a special watch given to him by Teja, engraved with a sweet message. “All of my love until the end of time. Love, Teja.” Once the two were dressed, it was time to say their “I Do’s.” Their church ceremony was beautiful, with friends and family in attendance. The love in the room was visible in the couple’s Belle Voir Manor wedding photos

When the ceremony ended, it was time for some camera fun! The couple’s took beautiful pictures and video that can be seen in our Belle Voir Manor wedding photos. The couple strolled around the grounds of their venue laughing and dancing together. Alongside their friends in their bridal party, the pair posed for some cute shots as well as many candids. When the time came, the couple headed to the ballroom for a party they will never forget. The newlyweds and their guests danced the night away, enjoying the absolute bliss that comes with being surrounded by so much love. 

Once again congratulations to Teja and Lucky on their stunning wedding. Thank you for letting us be a part of this amazing celebration.