Congratulations to Rashonda and Timakai on being husband and wife! These two love birds sealed the deal on April 18th, 2021 and we were so happy to have the Westwood wedding video turn out amazing! 

Both Rashonda and Timakai got ready for their big day, they were both so excited to see each other and make it official!

The ceremony started and in the Westwood wedding video, they exchanged their “I do’s” and everyone was overwhelmed with glee when the two had their first kiss as husband and wife!

Rashonda and Timakai took some sweet portraits with each other and then they went straight to the reception to dance the night away! 

They shared a fun first dance and all the guests got to enjoy a fun night!

We are so overjoyed for the happy couple and so glad the Westwood wedding video came out so great! Congratulations again Rashonda and Timakai!!

The Westwood Wedding Video

The Westwood Wedding Video