Your bridal party are the people you consider to be the closest to you, your siblings, college roommate, or your childhood best friend. With out them brides would be lost. They are the people who make sure we do not walk down the aisle with a button undone or ensure we have eaten a plate of food by the time the night is over. We always want to make sure we have a picture our bridal party, as crazy as they can be, to remember all the work they have done for us on our special day. We have found out top 10 favorite bridal party photos that we think you will love.

1. Stuck On You

NJ Wedding Videographer

This is one of our favorite bridal party picture because of the humor in the photo. It is always wonderful to see a photo that showcases the bridal party’s personality, making this one of our favorites.


2. L-O-V-E

NJ Wedding Videographer

All you need is love for a great photo. This photo is one that will be showed off for years to come. The use of the sparklers is so creative and a unique take on bridal party photo.


3. Call them Bond

NJ Wedding Videographer

We love traditional bridal party photos but it is always great to see a group who will have fun with their pictures. This James Bond inspired picture is a classic that will be the talk whenever someone sees it.


4. Don’t Mess with Us

NJ Wedding Videographer

Your girls will always have your back and this photo showcases just that. We love that this bridal party had some laughs with this crazy picture.


5. A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

NJ Wedding Photographer

The more fun you can have with your bridal party photos the better! This bridal party made sure that they would leave the wedding with a photo to remember. You can tell by this photo that this wedding was a fun one.


6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

NJ Wedding Photographer

Getting ready on your wedding day with your best friends can be the fondest memories from your special day. There will be smiles, tears, hugs and even a pillow fight.


7. Live, Laugh, Love

NJ Wedding Photographer

These gorgeous bridesmaids are having such an amazing time. This candid moment caught showcases the reason why our bridesmaids are our favorite.


8. Round and Round and Away We Go

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The love goes all around in this unforgettable photo. The setting of this photo is unique and lovely to see. Everyone seems to be having a good time in this photo.


9. We See You

NJ Wedding Photographer

This is such a unique photo. The bridal party peaking through in the background is a creative take on this photo. Everyone is letting there personality shine through on this one.


10. Can’t Stop The Feeling

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To see your little sister tie the knot can be a lot for an older brother to handle, sometimes you need a few bridesmaids to hold you back. This iconic photo captures everyone’s feelings and had to be apart of our top ten.



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