Lighting is a great way of setting the mood for your wedding. The best way to do this is to be creative using lighting techniques that are uncommon. You want to be able to brighten up your venue with creative ideas of lighting and possibly give it a romantic feel. Whatever your wedding type is, if it’s casual, romantic or even sexy, lighting for these ideas plays a big part.

Just to give you some examples: tissue paper jar lanterns are an easy but sweet project t have at your venue. Use tissue paper that matches your wedding colors and simply put them into a jar along with lights. This theme of lighting will be able to fit seamlessly with your event. If little kids can do it, so can you!

What about ice lanterns? If you are planning a winter wedding this type of lighting would be the project. A path lined with these ice lanterns would be a lovely way to welcome your guests to your miraculous venue. It may be a cold one, so inform your guests on dressing appropriate!
There are many other amazing, creative ideas when it comes to lighting for your venue, such as DIY light columns, or cupcake liner lights, or even origami lantern lighting. Don’t be accustomed to doing or using the common projects for your lighting. There are plenty of ways to use lighting to give your wedding a unique, uncommon, custom look.

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