Congratulations to Victoria and Todd on their marriage last August! This couple married at Smithville Inn venue on a gorgeous sunny day. Every detail made this wedding perfect from the gorgeous scenery to the horse and carriage.

All of the guests waiting anxiously outside in their seats, as Victoria and Todd got all ready for their big day. Then, Victoria was walked down the aisle as Todd stood smiling and waiting and our NJ Wedding Videographer captured all of this on film. Later, they both read their heartwarming vows to each other and shed a few tears.

Finally, it was time for the reception at Smithville Inn venue! Victoria and Todd took an enchanting horse and carriage ride around the town, and our NJ Wedding Videographer captured their smiling faces. When they arrived to the venue, the lovely couple shared a beautiful first dance together. Afterwards, Victoria and her father also shared a dance together filled with so much love! Our NJ Wedding Videographer filmed the couple cutting the first piece of their cake together and it was beautiful.

We are so happy we got to share your special day with you, Victoria and Todd. We wish you nothing, but the best!