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Own the Night at Atlantis Ballroom

Getting ready to dance your Toms River wedding night away? Well, there’s no better place to do just that than The Atlantis Ballroom! Our awesome wedding DJs in Toms River are ready to make sure you and your guests truly own the night. Need convincing? Check out some of our favorite Toms River weddings that our DJs attended at The Atlantis Ballroom.

Sipping Champagne and Sharing Dances

First, let’s take a look at Catherine and Ryan’s spring wedding at The Atlantis Ballroom. Our wedding DJs in Toms River made sure to provide these two cuties the perfect reception. To start, the ballroom was gorgeously lit with gold and pink ambient lighting. This matched their wedding cake completely, which was adorned with iced flowers and an adorable silhouette topper of the happy couple and their puppies. In addition, they had personalized champagne flutes too. Clearly, Catherine and Ryan had plenty to toast about! The lights lowered and they shared their romantic first dance together.  Afterwards, our professionals set the stage for Ryan’s sweet dance with his mother. Everybody danced the night away. In the end, they definitely owned the night!

Photo Booth Pics for Days

For more Atlantis Ballroom inspo courtesy of our wedding DJs in Toms River, peep Natalie and Alonso’s elegant February wedding. These lovebirds had similar ambient lighting as Catherine and Ryan, with the room exquisitely  illuminated in orange and violet lights. Natalie and Alonso shared their sweet first dance together before sharing their father and mother dances respectively. Our talented team made sure that their wedding night ran as smooth as possible. They even provided an awesome photo booth for the reception! Everybody had a blast snapping the silliest pics, even the bride and groom! Above all, we’re grateful we got to experience Natalie and Alonso’s wonderful wedding night with them. Our wedding DJs in Toms River will never forget it!

Want To See More?

Be sure to check out the rest of our favorite Atlantis Ballroom wedding photos and videos here! While you’re at it, learn more about everything our wedding DJs in Toms River can do at your future wedding right here. In the very end, if you’re looking for the Atlantis Ballroom wedding of your dreams, look no further than Enchanted Celebrations. Contact us today!