Wedding Entertainment Prices in NJ

wedding entertainment prices in NJDJ, Turn it Up

Turn up the music and put on your dancing shoes because your professional wedding DJ is coming to a reception near you! From the sentimental speeches, touching toasts, and mouthwatering meals, all that’s missing is the music. Think about it; your wedding playlist is what will be playing in the background while you are busy taking in every timeless moment. As you save up your best dance moves in practicing for the big night, you can even save money in the process! When it comes to wedding entertainment prices in NJ, our dedicated team at Enchanted Celebrations understands how important your songs will be to you. With this in mind, we tailor our packages to fit your unique needs as no two weddings are alike.

As you are considering booking wedding entertainment, remember that you are investing in someone who’s main priority is to take your party to the next level. With passion and extra attention to the details, a DJ will serve as the person who will keep the party atmosphere memories alive forever!

Dance Party Time

It’s your dance party…we are just here to make sure you’re out there having the time of your life. 

Picture this: your favorite romantic song is playing during your first dance. You are surrounded by friends and family watching in awe of every step as the love of your life spins you around. The whole world seems to pause for a bit around you and at last, it’s just the two of you under the glowing lights! You are looking into each other’s eyes, holding each other tight, and swaying from left to right on the dance floor together. This is truly the special moment you have been waiting for. Suddenly, the music picks up and your guests join you to kick off the party. Everyone is up out of their seats and ready to celebrate the love that lights up the ballroom…yours!

Now, fast forward a few years. You are playing back your wedding video or looking through those old albums. You pause and take a peak at a photo snapped during your special father-daughter dance or some footage of you and your partner dancing on the cloud. Seeing these beautiful memories allow you to hear the exact DJ song playing in your head again as well as feeling how happy you were! Can you really put a price on that?!

With your professional wedding DJ queuing up each song, you’ll notice that each one (although only two-three minutes long) can make for a lifetime’s worth of memories! Whether it’s the next line dance or a romantic slow jam, you can rest (and dance!) at ease in knowing that our packages are so flexible. The best wedding entertainment prices in NJ include a DJ who aims to go above and beyond for all clients and respecting their special requests. 

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Now that we are leaving you in a dancing mood, we hope that you’ll check out our helpful resources for all things DJ, cost factors, packages, and so much more! If you need a little more convincing on whether or not to book a DJ for your wedding, these posts are your ultimate guide. Let us convince you that a reception is not even close to the same without crafting your perfect playlist with the help of an amazing professional wedding DJ

Together, let’s get your party started!

Wedding Entertainment Prices in NJ

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