Fall in Love…But Don’t Fall Into These Costly Traps

wedding entertainment pricing in NJ

Before your wedding DJ will have you falling in love again, be sure to steer clear of falling into these costly traps! As far as wedding entertainment pricing in NJ is concerned, there are a number of factors that could end up costing you more in the long run without you even realizing. At Enchanted Celebrations, our unique, flexible packages are crafted to help you avoid common DJ service pricing mistakes for your once-in-a lifetime event. Together, let’s see how you can save yourself from making them!

1. Choosing Price Over Quality

As the music controls the overall reception scene, quality will always be paramount here. Luckily, we know good quality when we see it with our talented team of DJs! You may think that your good friend has that magic touch with the AUX chord during a car ride, however, nothing will compare to a professional DJ! With years of experience in reading crowds and transitioning between songs, you’ll have peace of mind throughout your entire wedding. If wedding entertainment pricing in NJ  is high on that dream wedding priority list of yours, it can be well worth it for you to splurge on what’s important to you most!

2. Booking Too Late 

wedding entertainment pricing in NJ

The early bird gets the worm…and also the best dance floor music! At Enchanted Celebrations, we offer our clients the opportunity to select from our many incredible DJs for their own wedding. As various DJs can be in high-demand, especially in the busy wedding season, it is crucial to claim early on and get the bang for your buck! Furthermore, you will have plenty of time on your own end to get to know your DJ and also focus on other areas of your planning process.

3. A DJ That Doesn’t Fit Your Style

wedding entertainment pricing in NJ

Let’s be real, your wedding theme and your DJ have to coordinate! If you’re envisioning a more formal and low key reception, then a high-energy DJ to pump up your party may not be the best suit for you. As there are a variety of cost factors that will need to match your personality and goals on your special day, don’t forget that the music should complement that, too!

4. Forgetting Your Own Desires

wedding entertainment pricing in NJ

It’s your way or the highway! Through the long wedding planning process, don’t neglect to communicate in advance with your DJ to ensure that your favorite jams get played (and those songs you can live without are avoided!). If your main priority is to keep your guests up and dancing all night, then let your DJ know! Keeping the communication open from the start will leave you and your DJ on the same page, with no surprises!

As you can see, wedding entertainment pricing in NJ mistakes can be easily avoided come the time to dance the night away. Keeping these points in mind, you’ll be rocking out to your perfect playlist with ease in no time!wedding entertainment pricing in NJ