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Filming All the Beach Weddings

Calling all beach brides…this one’s for you! Beach weddings prove to be such a gorgeous backdrop for ceremonies, receptions, and of course, portraits! However, have you thought about how beautiful your wedding could look like on film? As you’ll want to fill up your album with stunning photography, picture having your very own cinematic video to watch and relive the precious moments in real time as well. Now, if you’re searching around for the perfect beach scene to capture and film the details of your special day, look no further than Long Beach Island, NJ! This gorgeous shore paradise is home to many beautiful towns such as Surf City and Beach Haven. In addition, Long Beach Island offers popular attractions such as the famous Barnegat Light House. Here, at Enchanted Celebrations, we are so happy to have traveled to various beachy wedding venues located in Long Beach Island for our client’s weddings. Our amazing wedding videographers in LBI have documented each of these couple’s dream beach weddings, and yours could be next! Before you escape to your beach heaven, these tips will help you select the storyteller of your wedding day.

Professional Equipment Only!

These days, one plain and simple video camera is not nearly enough. The top wedding videographers in LBI  take pride in using multiple digital video cameras, lighting equipment and wireless microphones to capture footage. Digital cameras are the best tools for creating a real cinematic effect! Of course, the key to capturing all vantage points is with different camera angles. In addition, wireless microphones remain hidden but record clear, crisp sounds. Lastly, the best wedding videographers in LBI will also utilize special equipment to provide smooth recording at all times.

All About the Style 

Short film? Storytelling? Wedding videography comes in all different styles! The most important aspect is choosing a style that best suits your personality and your wedding day. Some wedding videographers in LBI take great pride in making the most unique and special videos possible. Some may even have degrees from film schools, so the finished products will play like television documentaries. It is important to choose wedding videographers in LBI that will treat each event in a special way and create a masterpiece that tells a story, not just presents a compilation of the day’s events.

The best way to rate the quality and style of wedding videographers in LBI?! Get your own inside look by watching demos of their previous work. It is essential to view the entire video to see how the whole event was covered. Anyone can capture a nice five minute shot, but it takes talent and experience to finish off the entire video well. A few mistakes should be expected, but don’t worry, these are generally edited out at a later time!

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Comfort in Various Venues

Wedding videographers in LBI should be comfortable working in various venues. For example, Long Beach Island is one of the most beautiful and popular beach settings in New Jersey for weddings. Therefore, a videographer must be able to record outdoor scenes and take lighting into account. As an example, shadows and glares from the sun can be a challenge to must be dealt with and in turn, the video camera must be adjusted accordingly. Keep in mind that it is not wise to choose wedding videographers in LBI that only tape indoors. This may indicate a lack of experience!

Format, Editing, and Copyright Rules

When it comes to video formatting,  it is smart to choose a videographer who provides wide-screen high definition videos, if possible. Some wedding videographers in LBI  supply the master copy, so it can be transferred to new video formats at a later time. Editing is also a key part in transforming the video into the final product. Before signing any contracts, make sure that you are aware of how long the final version will be and if copyright music will be added. For couples hoping to budget a little on video, it may be possible to make arrangements to buy the footage without any editing!

A One-Stop Shop!

Some wedding videographers in LBI provide a variety of services for a wedding. For instance, it is possible to find a wedding company that offers photography, videography, and DJ services. Oftentimes, bundling various wedding services will be extremely convenient and may help lower overall costs in the end. Furthermore, having one company will also keep things running smoothly and coherently throughout the event as well. (Hey…this sounds like us at Enchanted Celebrations!).

When it comes to videography, you can say we bend the traditional rules and take an approach that is unique to other wedding videographers in LBI. Our talented team loves to tell each wedding story with an artistic flair that preserves wedding memories in a movie-like format. In addition, our passion helps us pay attention to all the important details that mean the most to our clients. Thanks to our high-tech equipment and compassion, we know that you will appreciate your final product.

Meet Our Wedding Videographers in LBI

Ready to see the work of the creative storytellers behind the video camera? We were telling the truth when we said we have been to various wedding venues across LBI’s beautiful shores! Below, you will find our consistently updated videography portfolio for all the beach wedding inspiration you could dream of. Let’s check out two of our all-time favorites to give you a little preview!

First up, Morgan and Kevin’s summertime wedding at Brant Beach Yacht Club will have you wishing you were sitting by the water and overlooking the sunset! Their video showed off the vibrant orange and pink tones in the sky, shining as bright as this beautiful couple! As the outdoor beach ambiance was filmed perfectly, the indoor ballroom scene was equally as captivating to watch.  See for yourself and watch their video below!

Another share-worthy video goes to Kari and Sean! This happy couple tied the knot at the Daymark in Barnegat Light. The famous Barnegat light house, glowing ocean and white sand was the perfect scene for their video. After taking in as much of the beach as possible, it was time to head on inside to start the party! Their video showcased everyone having the time of their lives and dancing their heart out with the newlyweds. Don’t miss checking out their video, too!

Time to plan your beach wedding! For more information, on wedding videographers in LBI, please call us to schedule a free, no obligation, in-home consultation. We look forward to having the privilege of documenting your journey as a newly married couple!

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Wedding Videographers in LBI

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