Brigalias Wedding Photos and Videos

Brigalias Wedding Photos

About Brigalias

Located in Southern New Jersey, Brigalias has been a spectacular venue for couples since 2007. It’s no wonder their elegance is top-level with their close attention to detail for this family-owned business! Tina Briglia is the owner and talented chef here at this special destination. Focused on not only their incredible cuisine, Brigalias is well-known for breathtaking grounds, exceptional service, and pristine presentation. It’s no surprise why our couples love the romantic atmosphere (just as much as we do!) for their Brigalias wedding photos and more!

Ceremonial ‘I Do’s’

Brigalias’ is an all-in-one wedding venue fit for couples. Did you know that the venue has a brand new vintage barn pavilion? Hello, rustic wedding vibes! This ceremony space is complete with wood ceilings and simplistic decor to fit any theme. Another ceremony option is their Chapel, which is located inside the gorgeous pavilion. This ceremony room has floor-length windows with beautifully designed white columns and gold accents. Your ceremony will look absolutely wonderful day or night, no matter the season due to the room’s classic, romantic design! Also in this amazing space is a one-of-a-kind chandelier above the altar that will elevate photographs and make your ‘I Do’s’ elegant and memorable.

You Are The Dancing Queen

Get ready to feel like a total dancing queen inside Brigalias’ magnificent ballrooms! Two main ballrooms featured here are ‘The Camelot’ and the ‘Victorian’ ballroom. In addition, they offer off-site events through ‘Villa Catering’ and ‘Villa Manor’, for those who wish to have a smaller, more intimate wedding that is still elegant and up to Brigalias’ highest standards. Also, coming later in the 2019 year is the Grand Ballroom to create an even bigger effect! Included in their ballroom packages are unique table settings, choice of lighting color, and your favorite decor to make your wedding as unique as you are. One of our couples, Lauren and Nick, danced the night away in Brigalias’ beautiful ballroom and even added a “dancing on the cloud” effect to the dance floor! Brigalias is sure your reception ballroom will be picture-perfect like this one was. 

brigalias wedding photosA Mouth-Watering Delight 

Due to their founding history of being a pristine catering destination for all things weddings, its no wonder why there food is so delicious! With eight different options available, whether it’s through Brigalias, Villa Manor, or Villa Catering, they sure aim to cater to your taste buds! At Brigalias, you have the option to have a sit-down, buffet, or banquet-style catered reception. In each mouth-watering package, you can select your favorite salad, soup, meat entree, chicken entree, and fish entree. Not to mention their amazing cocktail hour with a wide range of delicious hors d’oeuvres, pasta station, Tuscano table, Oriental stir fry station, and of course, the cocktails! Complete your meals with choices of beer and liquor, all topped off with delectable desserts. 

Super Sweet Treats

Just as there are many meal options, Brigalias provides an abundance of super sweet treats. The choices are endless! Multiple cake options feature vanilla and chocolate mousse cake, classic New York cheesecake, cherry cheese cake, strawberry short cake, or carrot cake. Included is also a wonderfully delicious flambe station, eclairs, cream puffs, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit tarts, cannolis, fresh fruit display, cookie tray, and strawberries and whipped cream. Plus, coffee and tea served at every table is the perfect way to end your sweet night! Teiera and Joshua showed off their amazing, four-tier cake at the reception, which had all guests in awe. Check out more of their Brigalias wedding photos below!

Fun In The Sun

brigalias wedding photosThis venue is the perfect place to showcase Brigalias wedding photos during the summer season. With the beautiful covered pavilion, various fountains, breathtaking landscapes, wooded areas, and Love Statue, your photos will get that extra elegant touch. One summertime couple, Angel and Chris shared their August wedding with Brigalias and took stunning outside portraits! Another couple, Evynn and Travis, also displayed their summer love with their gorgeous photos on the bridge. Read more about these couple’s stories to get you in a sunshine state of mind!

You’ll Fall In ‘Love’ With These Autumn Weddings

As the leaves change color, your love will grow stronger! Brigalias offers the perfect destination ever for your fall weddings. Don’t believe us? Just ask Chelsea and Tim during their amazing November wedding. Brigalias provided this wonderful couple with a picturesque ceremonial space and an amazing ballroom scene for their first dance. The vibrant color-changing leaves always look beautiful through the large glass windows. Katelyn and Josh also enjoyed their wedding in the fall. They especially loved how their beautiful wedding colors accented Brigalias elegant flair!

brigalias wedding photos

You’ll have a (Snow)Ball

Cold days are meant for some cuddles, and to have a ball at your winter wedding! For example, Mary and Lou had a winter wedding with a whymsical atmosphere to it, perfect for the chilly season. Regardless of the weather, Brigalias continues to maintain their grounds to ensure photos and videos exceed your Pinterest-worthy goals! Plus, regardless of where the ceremony or reception are held, they will fit with any theme. There’s more Brigalias wedding photos with all the winter vibes to be seen, so keep on scrolling! 

Spring Has Sprung

After the chilly winter, the best thing to lighten your mood is a blooming spring wedding at Brigalias. Beautiful flowers will fill your space, making this the perfectly elegant and colorful wedding. Maddison and Chris‘ showcased their spring wedding reception at Brigalias to include gorgeous accents of pastel wedding colors. You know you don’t want to miss out on seeing the rest of their Brigalias wedding photos!

Day Dreaming or Night Owl

Whether you love the bright, outdoor scenery or enjoy a late night event, Brigalias is consistently beautiful for any time of day. After dark, the water fountain lights up in radiant colors which allows for couples to get those necessary, final portraits of the night. A worthy mention is how Linda and Brandon lit sparklers in front of the fountain, making their photos look truly magical under the glowing night sky! As guests begin to leave the dance floor, Brigalias continue to maintain the beautifully sophisticated physique, so your wedding will look perfect up until the last second. 

brigalias wedding photosWant to See More?

That’s not all! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers or NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured any of these couple’s dream weddings without Brigalias’ incredible staff and the elegant beauty of the venue inside and outside. We cannot wait to return for awesome occasions already planned for multiple wedding seasons. Take a look below at more Brigalias wedding photos and videos captured by us! 

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Brigalias Wedding Photos and Videos

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    Brigalias Wedding Photos

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    Brigalias Wedding Photos

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