Classic and Traditional Wedding Photos

Classic and Traditional Wedding Photos

Can’t Beat The Classics

Are you loving that simplistic, timeless photography style feel? Our photographers are here to prove to you that the classics can never go out of style! In capturing this photo style, our photographers focus on being directive and highlighting the key parts of your special day. Think classic posing for the cake cutting at the reception or the ceremony kiss at the altar! Ultimately, there are a ton of gorgeous captures throughout your wedding that will represent this style, without you even aiming for it. If you’re eager to see how our talented team of professionals can capture classic and traditional wedding photos, we’ll show you some of our all-time favorites!

Morning Preparations

Let’s start with some stellar detail shots! Peep Taylor and Anthony’s gorgeous bride-prep pics at Ramblewood Country Club. First, our photographers snapped some close-ups showcasing Taylor’s exquisite ring. The silver diamonds sparkled against the deep crimson petals of her bouquet and rose gold heels. How much more glamorous can you get!? However, the glitz and glamour don’t stop there! Next, our photographers took those classic and traditional wedding photos that we love so much of Taylor’s floral wedding gown. The sunlight from the window gave her embroidered dress an almost ethereal quality to it! With that said, we can assure you Taylor looked positively divine in her heavenly white wedding gown. Honestly, we just can’t get enough of all the delicate details our photographers captured during Taylor and Anthony’s morning preparations. Don’t stop there! Be sure to check out the rest of Taylor and Anthony’s amazing October wedding. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Let’s Get the Group Together

It’s time to get the group together for some perfect portraits! Take a look at Vanessa and John’s winter wedding at Scotland Run. Rest assured, you don’t ever have to worry about our photographers not fitting all of your loved ones in your group portraits. Don’t believe us? Check out how our photographers managed to fit all 13 members of Vanessa and John’s bridal party in a truly magnificent shot on the green. The bridesmaids sparkled in stunning champagne dresses while the groomsmen rocked classic and traditional tuxedos. And of course, the happy couple popped front and center against the lush manicured grass and cloudy sky. The deep color contrasts are giving us some dark and moody vibes! Overall, what a great photo (and even greater group!). PS. make sure you peep that adorable shot of Vanessa and John’s son shielding his eyes as they share a kiss in the background surrounded by their bridal party. They seriously have the cutest family!

First Look Feels

Classic and traditional wedding photos are perfect for capturing all the first look feels! Take a peak at Amanda and Tom’s heartwarming first look at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club. We absolutely love Tom’s excited smile as he waits for Amanda to sneak up from behind him. Clearly, he can’t wait to see the love of his life all dolled up in her perfect white dress! However, instead of tapping Tom on the shoulder, Amanda gently placed her hands over his eyes, playing the ultimate game of guess who (his future bride of course!). Thankfully, our photographers were there to capture their candid and carefree (and contagious!) smiles. The happy couple embraced right away with the sweetest kiss. Their raw reactions to seeing each other were exactly what we dreamed they would be! Tom lifted Amanda up in his arms and twirled her around in charming fashion. He proceeded to plant a tender kiss on Amanda’s lips as they finished dancing. They just couldn’t stop smiling and smooching! In other words, our photographers couldn’t stop  snapping!

Ceremony Classics

Perhaps there is no better time to take your classic and traditional wedding photos than during your splendid ceremony! Check out Taylor and Anthony’s autumn wedding at Brigalias for some timeless wedding inspo. Our photographers captured a breathtaking shot of the happy couple standing together at the altar as their precious guests watched on in awe of their love. To top it all off, sunlight poured into the room through the window behind them while a crystal chandelier glimmered from above, creating a truly glamorous scene. Our photographers made sure to snap some shots of the sweetheart’s sand ceremony too! They couldn’t stop smiling as they combined their royal blue and white sand. Finally, Anthony kissed his beautiful bride as their enthusiastic bridal party cheered them on! Above all, our photographers made sure to take the perfect photos for them! Thanks to our team of passionate professionals, Taylor and Anthony get to look back on their sweet ceremony forever. What more could you ask for?

First Comes Love, Then Comes Cake

Lastly, let’s take a look at Danielle and Dan’s sweet as can be wedding at Ramblewood Country Club (again!). These lovebirds had their cake, and took some classic and traditional wedding photos too! Check out their elegant three tier wedding cake and try not to get hungry! Our photographers captured the cake in its entirety, complete with its intricate red and white iced flowers and adorable gold cake topper. Are you wondering what their topper said? It hilariously read “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” (seriously, who doesn’t love cake?!). Regardless, this cute cake-loving couple definitely enjoyed themselves during their one-of-a-kind wedding! Be sure to check out the rest of their romantic reception photos to see how Danielle and Dan danced their wedding night away with help from our awesome DJs and open air photo booth!. In the end, we don’t know about you, but we’re certainly ready for seconds!

Want To See More?

More classics are coming your way! Don’t miss your look through some gorgeous weddings below as well as our gallery! Whatever your go-to wedding photography style may be, there is no denying the stunning vintage vibe that classic and traditional wedding photos  can provide. Give us a call today if you’re ready for your very own!

Classic and Traditional Wedding Photos

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